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Useful Redstone Reborn 1.0

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Maxmos avatar Maxmos
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Hey guys !

5 years ago i remember discovering a small but really fun mod named Useful Redstone mod, but it was left and abandoned to an old version of minecraft: 1.6.2. Originally created by _TheCreator_, I've decided to port it to 1.12.2 5 years later !
Just to clarify a few things:

-This mod is NOT monetized (and every other submissions I made and don't plan to monetize any in the future)
-The new Item i've added is the redstone apple, every other items/blocks have been textured and created by _TheCreator_
-As the mod is abandoned I will maintain its development but it won't allow me to claim that this is my mod of course, like i said, _TheCreator_ is the original author.

This mod adds:

-Redstone Ingot
-Useful Redstone Block (uncraftable, but can be obtained using either a redstone pickaxe, axe or shovel)

-Redstone Sword (that sets mob on fire)

-Redstone Pickaxe (applied for spade and axe too, these tools can turn normal blocks into useful redstone block. Be careful tho: it'll consume all of the tool's life bar ! So mine first with it and then turn blocks into redstone blocks ;) )

-Redstone Spade (just said what they could do)
-Redstone Axe

-Redstone Hoe (mending enchant)

-Redstone Armor (which give you night vision, speed and jump boost permantly unless you remove the armor, and also has fire protection 5 on each armor part)

-Redstone Apple (fire resistance, speed, jump boost, haste, night vision)

-Redstone Bomb (makes an explosion about 4 times bigger than an average tnt)

Enjoy !

Important Note: The mod itself is not complete yet, for example, the only way you can get the enchanted sword, hoe and armor is by crafting them, i'll try to fix this as soon as i can.
No repost of the mod is allowed obviously (unless it's an article/review or something like that; but no stealing thank you)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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02/07/2021 11:51 am
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Can i make an Minecraft bedrock edition of this mod?
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