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Better Overworld (BOW) - Modpack

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This Modpack is all about making Your Vanilla Experience better then before. This Fabric based Modpack includes a host of Performance Mods like Sodium and Lithium aswell as some Beauty Mods like Effektive and Visuality. For the more creative inclined players and creators there are Mods like Worldedit and Litematica and Iris as the Shaderloader.

To improve Exploration this Pack includes Yung´s Better Structures and ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village aswell as Worldgeneration Enhancements like Terralith and More Geodes. This will give you much more amazing Things to find in the World of Minecraft.

The Gameplayadjustments include a Host of Datapacks from VanillaTweaks that will make crafting Recipe more balanced, in giving you more Stairs or Trapdoors for example. To make Inventory management a little easier ShulkerboxTooltips and InventoryTabs will let you keep a better overview of all the items in your Chestmonsters.

There is a lot more smaller Mods to improve your Vanilla Experience. For the full List check below !

Available on CurseForge (CF compatible Version) and Modrinth (Full Version) with Beta Versions.

Better Overworld (BOW) - Modpack Minecraft Mod

Installation (CurseForge):
- Click Download Mod to get the CurseForge Profile

- Open the CurseForge App on Overwolf

- Go to Minecraft and Click on "Create Custom Profile"

- Click on Import a previously created Profile

- Click Create and you are ready to play the Pack

Installation (Normal):
- Download ModPack Zip

- Unpack the Zip and Use the Fabric installer to create a fabric Profile

- Find your Minecraft installation ( Appdata > Roaming > .minecraft )

- Paste in the Folders of the ModPack Zip

- Start up the fabric Profile in your Minecraft Launcher and enjoy the ModPack

Better Overworld (BOW) - Modpack Minecraft Mod

Having Issues ?
If u have problems with the Pack just leave a Comment or message me directly.

Also any suggestions for the Pack are welcome, but no guarantee that i will add them.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.20.1

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by ProjektNic 02/18/2024 10:28:44 amFeb 18th

Updated Versions (Beta and Release) are now Available on Modrinth (Full Version) and CurseForge (CF compatible Version).

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