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Wandering Bag

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Wandering Bag Minecraft Mod
Wandering Bag Minecraft ModWandering Bag Minecraft Mod

Wandering Bag adds loot bags which are looted by minecraft creatures designated as "intelligent" and having an inventory such as Wandering Traders, Witches and Pillagers. When you get some, you can, with the help of a right click, get relics as surprising as each other until you wonder "Why didn't they use it during the fight?". If you were frustrated with not getting anything from killing them, you will love this mod !
I'm French and this mods has made with Mcreator (Sorry if I make mistakes in English 😅)

Here are the different lootbags that the mod adds, the Wandering Bag (100% drop on a Wandering Trader), the Witch Bag (50% drop on a Witch) and the Pillager Bag (8% drop on a Pillager)

Items obtainable in the Wandering Bag are the Sword From Elsewhere (Does area damage), the Hammer From Farlands (Throw ennemies around and deal durability damage), the Bucket Of Unkown (Can stock 30 lvl of xp), the Flute Of Friendship (Give a Hero of the Village effect), and the Spice From Elsewhere (Make main items unusable and temporarily immobilizes the ennemy).

Items obtainable in the Witch Bag are the Mirror Of Abundance (Duplicate the item in the off hand), the Flask of Adaptation (Applies effects you need, if you are on fire you will have Fire Resistance, if you are drowning you will have Water Breathing...), the Strange Mixture (Gives a negative or positive effect to ennemy), the Wither Bone Meal (Applies a bonemeal effect to the crops in a 3x3 radius), and the Uncasted Spell (Turn creature into slime while consuming xp).

Items obtainable in the Pillager Bag are the Dagger Of Traitor (Deal more damage to Illager), the Whip Of Taming (Ride the ennemy), the Herb Of Rescue (Tames Ravagers), the Ravager Horn (Give a Bad Omen effect) and the Bad Tome (Spawns evoker fang under ennemies while consuming xp).
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

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