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Weapons of Offense Minecraft Mod

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Th3A554551n avatar Th3A554551n
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
Made with MCreator

Made by Th3A554551n (Me) and ideas by Agent_100 (My friend)

Use the JEI mod for recipes

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel XD : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCab67BORHYQ4KRrnDCuuWsw


Note: The new ores can only generate in y 0 to 42 and not higher than that

Tungsten Ore and Hollow Ore is used for crafting tons of weapons but you can't use it to craft tools like pickaxes and axes

Laser Ore is used for almost every weapon and you can use it to craft armor and tools


The Lightning Wizard spawns in the overworld at night, kill it for lightning essence to craft a lightning wand. They strike you with lightning when you get to close to them.

The Corrupted drops obsidian and has a rare drop of a diamonds sword, spawns in the nether and is hostile. Immune to fall damage.

Weapons (I won't talk about all the weapons since there are a lot of them)


Gives you speed 2 when held but doesn't do much damage

Wand of Air

Teleports mobs 8 blocks above, if there is no ground under them when teleported, they will fall down and take fall damage unless they are immune to it or can fly.


Teleports mobs 2 blocks underneath, will suffocate them if there is no hollow space underneath. Does a massive amount of damage.

Tungsten Fish

Does a lot of damage but gives you slowness when held in main hand

And many many more weapons too!

Feel Free to use this mod in modpacks but remember to credit me XD
CreditAgent 100 (For some of the ideas)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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