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Wonderful World (Fishing, Kremowkas & More)

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avatar Majrusz
Level 15 : Journeyman Llama

Mod is a small project that adds some new things to the game. It focuses on extending little-used functionalities.

I tried to keep the game as balanced as possible. Includes polish language version.


Fishing Fanatic

(fishing rod enchantment) (max. 6 level)

With each level there is a 33.33% independent chance to catch additional item from fishing. Every additional item gives

you some extra experience and breaks your fishing rod faster. Additional items are taken from default minecraft fishing loot table.

It also increases damage dealt by fishing rod by 1 point for every enchantment level.


New item obtainable via fishing which can be used to create some extra iron ingots!

Bass & Cooked Bass

Did you want to experience fishing a bass from Terraria but in Minecraft? No? Nobody wanted to, but this mod adds

the bass from Terraria to the game! Regenerates 2 and 5 points of hunger respectively. Obtainable by fishing.


The fish is used to prepare a tasty Swedish dish called Surströmming. The texture is inspired by

Terraria Calamity Mod. Obtainable by fishing.


Kremowka (cream cake)

A finger-licking cream cake that has the chance to give you a Luck effect (up to level 3) for 2 minutes.

Regenerates 6 points of hunger. Obtainable by crafting and from new structures.

Cake Slices

The problem with Minecraft Cake was that it had to be put on the ground to eat it.

Cake slices come to your aid and you can eat them right away!


Wonderful salty dish from Sweden. It can cause on you either increased health regeneration or nausea!

Craftings for mentioned items:


New Nether Ores

Adds new ores to the game: Nether Salt Ore, Nether Iron Ore, Nether Gold Ore (functionality exactly the same as in 1.16).


Trading with Villagers

Most of mod items are available by trading with villagers!

(currently with Fisherman, Farmer and Wandering Trader)

Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

2 Update Logs

0.5.0 : 11/02/2020 8:05:37 amNov 2nd

+ new ores Nether Gold Ore, Nether Iron Ore, Nether Salt Ore, Salt Ore

+ new tabs separately for items and blocks

+ new food Enchanted Kremowka

+ new Tin and Kremowka texture

+ new trade for villagers (24 salt for 1 emerald instead of 1 emerald for 9 salt)

+ new ores are randomly generating in overworld and nether

+ extra drops from fishing are now configurable

+ code changes/fixes

11/02/2020 6:06 am
Level 27 : Expert Professor
Kremówki xDDDD
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