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Worldedit 1.13 Brushes for Minecraft Vanilla | Datapack

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Brushes are easy to use tools to edit Terrain and organic structures. These are Core-Features in worldedit and voxelsniper . So why not support brushes in Vanilla Minecraft ?
I have already successfully implemented this several times, but Worldedit Tools in 1.13 brings brushes to a whole new level. More Performant, Bigger, Better. Use your favorite brushes in Vanilla Minecraft 1.13 now!


Worldedit 1.13 Brushes for Minecraft Vanilla | Datapack Minecraft Mod

To use the tool, you should download the zip-file here. Cheats and creative mode have to be enabled on your world/server. There are two ways to install the tool:

  1. Use my custom datapack installer dManager and install it directly into your world, get automatic updates, install dependencies like the worldedit core along and get a lot more packs here with almost no effort.Just download the app, run it, select your world and your favorite Worldedit Pack. Any thing elso does the manager for you.Enter your world, type in the command /reload and a message should appear in the chat. Now the tool is completely installed.
  2. The traditional way:Download the zip-file here. Inside Minecraft choose edit / open world folder at your selected world. Enter your minecraft world.Copy the downloaded file into /datapacks of the world (the same with servers)Type in the command /reload and a message should appear in the chat. Now the tool is completely installed.


First of drop a golden shovel together with a feather on the ground. The tool should appear in your inventory. By using your right mouse button you can place already small cubes.
To change your material left-click the tool on a block. If selected, a box will appear.

Do you want to have air as material? Drop a empty bucket and left click it until it shines


Worldedit 1.13 Brushes for Minecraft Vanilla | Datapack Minecraft Mod

By selecting the tool, looking down and sneaking a Gui with some settings opens at right-click. Here you can change the size, mode and brush.
By removing items with shift + left-click , you can change the mode with the arrows(1), edit the size with the banners(2) or toggle the air replacement (3).
You can see your changes immediately

The tools have the following gradations:
Cube: 1 - 15
Sphere: 1,3,5,7
Cylinder: 1,3,5,7 - 15(are generated)


The tool shares the storage for blocks with other players. To improve multitasking and compability, there are the Slots in Vanilla Worldedit. You can save different blocks in the 8 storage slots and use them at the same time.
You can select your desired tool, by using the same amount of feathers at crafting. For example if you take 6 feathers, you´ll get the 6th tool, that uses the storage space 6.


At removing or resetting the tool, the storage and functions should be deleted at first. The command /function/we:br/remove removes all arrears and deactivates the pack. The zip-file can be deleted safely now.


Within the tool is a short assistance: /function we:br:help. There are listed all functions and commands.
In case of having more questions or bugs I would like to help you by email(stevertusyt@gmail.com), Discord(discord.gg/WVDFXUv) or delineate your issue right here: www.stevertus.com/worldedit/br
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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01/30/2019 3:06 pm
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This, is, AWESOME!
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