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XpStorage - Store EXP into Items and back! [1.14]

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avatar TheDiamondPlayables
Level 52 : Grandmaster Programmer
- Having loads of Experience can be a virtue at times. You might die, lose all of it but when you get back to where you died there's only a little of it left. You also can't give your Experience to others or store it in a safe area to return to it later on.
Introducing: "XpStorage" Datapack!
- You can now store Experience from your Experience Bar into Experience Jars to store it in containers or share with your friends!
- You can also withdraw the experience from the stored Experience Jars back to your experience bar! The process is lossless!
- You can also check your current Experience Points as well as the total Experience Points stored within the Experience Jars that you are holding!
Instructions: <click to view>
- Experience Jars changes color depending on how much Experience it stores.
- Experience Jars storing the same amount of Experience can also be stacked!
- Can be installed in combination with my other datapacks!
- Can be installed in Multiplayer!
- You can use /trigger info, then click into the datapack name to know more about the datapack!
(It only shows you what you can do without cheats enabled!)
Installation Notes: <Click to open>

For those who wants to install this datapack in older versions of Minecraft:

If you really liked my work and want to support me, click here!
CreditThanks to Minecraft Heads for the Experience Jars!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 05/13/2019 7:49:19 pmMay 13th

- Lots of bugfixes!
+ Missing lore in Experience Orbs after withdrawal
+ EXP Reporting message shows up an additional Stored Experience message even though the player doesn't have an Experience Jar
- Performance Improvements!

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