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-=- Northern Watertribe -=-

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Yatropy's Avatar Yatropy
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Hey there!

I've been building on a Bending Server named Kyoshi Craft.
Im building the Northern Watertribe from the avatar series.
It hasnt been completed yet cauze im kind a building it alone x) So it's like really slow.
I do have to give some credit to IceEyes who made the wall and buildings on it.
The landscaping was already done, I actually dont know who made it O_O. So sorry for that, haha.
Sorry for the pictures tho.. I already made those earlier... I couldnt make new ones cauze I got a new laptop recently so I had to install it all over again.. and it just didnt worked x).

This is a beginning project so I will update it like every time there is something new I can show you guys.
I can't give a map download or schematics or anything cauze it's for the server x), but you can check it out at:

It's a really cool server with nice people and a nice bending plugin called ProjectKorra, so yeah.. you can actually bend there.
I hope you guys like this project, and have a nice day!

Greetz, Yatropy.


I recently stopped working on this project because of the inactivity of the server!

CreditKyoshiCraft ProjectKorra
Progress10% complete

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Update #4 : by Yatropy 10/08/2017 11:01:02 amOct 8th, 2017

Heyy Guys!

I'm working on like a boat repair / maker house, I made some stairs that'll lead to the upper platform.
And I made some littl' markets on the main street.
The boat on the snow, is meant to be like, snow bended up ( If you don't watch the avatar serie, idk how to explain, sorry :'))

Greetz, Yatropy.

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