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► ★[1.7.2][CTM]Shards of the Void v1.0 - by Reshif★◄

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Reshif's Avatar Reshif
Level 29 : Expert Miner

Shards of the Void is a Minecraft CTM (Complete the Monument) map based around floating "Shards" (which are just areas), and an emerald-based economy for aquiring basic loot, instead of mining for resources.Like other CTM maps, the objective is to obtain each of the different colored wools from chests placed in dungeons and place them on the "victory monument". There are 16 wools in total, but mostareas are relatively compact, so the map will be a bit shorter than full length. (~16-20 hours normally, but it could feasibly be speedrunned in 1 hour)

The rules are simple:
-Survive in any way you can in vanilla
-Only use wool from fleecy boxes for the monument, no sheep/string/dye

-Do not play on peaceful, easy is recommended for going solo, medium/hard with friends
-No enderchests!
-Try not to use tunelling as your first approach to a problem
-Max three players is recommended, but you might be able to pull off four


-Initial testing

Version 1.0:
-Shops no longer crash game in 1.7 (friggin block36)
-Fixed enchanted books missing enchantments
-Replaced wool loot shop with an emerald loot shop, since villagers ignored the color of wool
-Added enchantment table in shard #3, since it was a very expesive must-have
-Added some more emeralds
-Made shard #5 look less bland and added more ores
-Added more lore books
-Fixed the "fwe" typo >.<
-Other minor things

If you can at all record, Let's Play's would be really appreciated for debugging as well as spreading the word!
Progress100% complete

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11/03/2013 1:11 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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Not bad...Pretty creative :3
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