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This is a Building Progression for our up and coming Roleplaying Server, Age of Adventure. Once it hits 100% is will move from a project to a Server. Currently it is in the Building Stage, and we are still looking for talented builders to make it even better. Scroll down to find out how to apply. Thanks, and enjoy.


What we are about:

We are a pro-player roleplaying server that looks to create the best experience and most fun. The Server currently takes place in 1648 in the West Indies. The Main Nations are the British, Spanish, and Pirate (more like crews). There are smaller Nations that overtime may grow or fall. We are all about letting the players decide what happens next and make it more interesting with daily events and changes. The Server is currently active and yet not released to the public as of yet. Anyone looking to Apply for Staff can do so here, or on our website - http://age-of-adventure.enjin.com

Server IP: Not to be released as of yet

Server Website: http://age-of-adventure.enjin.com


Server Background:

The server is based in the late 1600's throughout the West Indies. At this time huge empires are forming on land, and trading over the high seas! Not all is so well and good though. In the new world of America pirate crews are raiding trading ships. Empires are locked in war. You start off as a nobody in the world, but that can all change! You have unlimited roads to choose from. Become a mayor, own a shop, become an emperor, be a thief, or a bloodthirsty pirate. The world is your oyster!
There are 2 great empires conquering the world at the moment. On a small island the grand English Empire conquers a lot of the world, giving them a grand treasury, and an army to be feared! They have trade routes from their home to their colonies in the new world, and hold them with an iron grip.
To the south is the ever expanding Spanish Empire, based on conquest of the new world, and adventuring into unknown lands. The Spanish Conquistadors conquered the new world from the Aztec empires for the glory of Spain. Now the Spanish Empire holds most of South America, as well as some of the bahamas. Spanish trading ships fill the sea, trading prized tradinggoods over the seas.
On the coast of North America lies the colonies. The colonies are run by the British Empire, but the people there tend to be rebels of England. They are people who do not agree with British ways, and came here to make their own. These people have established a local government, but in the end pay their taxes to the British Crown. The Colonies have small militias, and are constantly battling the indian tribes. The colonies have no navy and instead rely on the British Crown to protect them from enemies coming from over the Sea. The colonists successfully made their own governments, and are able to protect themselves only from indian tribes, but things can always change.
This 1600's world has no set history, instead you, the players make it! Choose the road you want to travel. Make a company, be a leader, join the military, be a thief or pirate. The world is yours!Age of Adventure is about multiple groups and nations during the 16th century. We are making keeping the server non-whiteliested because everyone deserves to play. You make a character, it is approved by staff, and you play it out. If your character dies, you get a chance to join a different group on the server. Be it you start out as a soldier at a British colony, to the next one where you are a Spanish Conquistador. The choice is yours, and you get to play it out.

Custom Map:



Interested in Helping?:

If you are serious about helping to assist in the making of this project, please visit our site and post an application. Currently we are looking for Builders, Moderators, Professional Artists, Professional Advertisers, Plugin Developers, and more. Post an application on the site, or private message this account with an application. The amount of work that goes into this project is of massproportions, and we hope that everyoneappreciatesit and has fun. Good Luck.


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05/02/2018 7:32 pm
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Damn, five years ago. Am I too late for the party? (Probably)
02/07/2018 1:46 pm
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Is this still a thing, because it seems wonderful
12/07/2014 7:37 pm
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www.aoanetwork.net incase some1 doesn't have the new info.
03/22/2014 10:22 pm
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Cant wait for this to be finished! Any dates relesed yet?
02/01/2014 4:47 pm
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AN Team
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Hey guys, we have made a new account and we will putting info there instead. Also... this post is soooo outdated lol.

I'll try to remove it and move it over to the new account :)

~ Roy
12/31/2013 8:00 pm
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Seriously waiting for this!
09/20/2013 9:39 pm
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XD I'm from the west indies :D
09/21/2013 1:44 pm
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Cool! Would you care to check out the server and maybe even apply to be a builder?
09/21/2013 4:16 pm
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I guess :D
09/17/2013 10:40 pm
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