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Hi PlanetMinecraft!

Do you love DC Comics? Do you love The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Smallville on the CW? Do you have a passion for superheroes? That means you are at the right topic! We are DC Blockmics. We're a group of DC Fanboys who are making a big project related to DC Comics.

What IS DCBlockmics? [DCBM]

DCBM is a big community. We have our own Forums, Discord and Minecraft Server. Our goal is to have a close and loving community, so we plan to run big and well trained teams of employees to keep our players safe. We have a structurated staff team and we accomplish the goals we set.

What will the DCBM Minecraft Server be like?

Our Minecraft Server will be a huge project. We will make the following important cities/places:
- Central City ( The Flash )
- Star City ( [The Green] Arrow )
- Metropolis ( Superman )
- Smallville ( Superman youth )
- National City ( Supergirl )
- Important locations from Legends of Tomorrow
- Gotham ( Batman )

More to come! If you have any requests, let us know!

We plan to implement a Roleplaying factor and Minigame factores in our server. We are going to have a structured rang order and give everyone to continue to grow as a member of our community. So as we said, we will be building ALOT, so be sure to continue to read to help us out!

How do i join the Community?

This is fairly easy. You go over to our forums and go to the 'sign up' section after you registered. Make SURE you're registered at the website first. To follow this up, just make a new topic in the sign up section with the information listed in other topics. After that a Mod will quickly comment on you're topic to tell you if you have been accepted, yes or no! After you have been accepted, be sure to set your username as the same in our Servers, on the Forum AND in the discord! Having the same username is a must! If there are any questions, leave them in the comments of this topic, or ask a DCBM Staffmember! <br>

Can i help building?
Yes! Yes, please! We would love to hang out with you in our Discord and build a little bit, and have a good time! Feel free to submite an' application whenever you feel like it. We made a nice google form for you guys for you to fill in. And we beg you to answer honest! You have a bigger chance of getting on our team when you're honest instead of lying. Here is our form.

Where can i find DCBM?
We are EVERYWHERE on the internet, literally. So here are our useful links!
On our Twitter we post updates regarding the projects, and we do giveaways sometimes! So be sure to follow us here.
On YouTube we are going to post the most epic trailers, teasers, fun videos, letsplays, music videos and everything related to the project! So make sure to check it out right here.
On our forums we do EVERYTHING! Make sure to register there and have a good time, do that here!

12/12/2016 - Posted this topic and pictures regarding the smallville Kent Farm.

Thank you so much for reading this! Leave a diamond if you are HYPED for this project to finish up, and we'd love to see you join our ranks in DC Blockmics!
- Rival ( Project & Community Manager )
- Tigeax ( Project & Technical Manager )
- Creatsz ( Project & Building Manager )

We are NOT related in any way to Justice Craft! We didn't even know it excisted. They are great people with a great project, so check them out aswell!
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06/29/2018 12:34 pm
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Marcos Studios
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I can participate? I want to build gotham because I love that series
12/16/2016 9:30 am
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