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avatar koutha
Level 26 : Expert Architect
Unity, a High-tech capital and pillar of advanced technology like creeper mines, automatic culture, etc ...

But in plan to protect all secret and advanced technology, NEXT has began, on the secret, the construction of an outrageousness defence fortress, it provide ultra long-range and orbital elimination. But NEXT wanted to transform a sample defence platform on an incredible fortress, by adding two atmospheric launch bay, a dock, a units storage ( who stock number of vehicles...) but like all weapon, there will be a weakness, to counter it, NEXT used a experimental thermal powerplant.

... So .. it contain:

- military outpost
- bunker and missile launch
- The biggest cannon of minecraft (inspired by Suisei No Guargantia anime)
- two "little" turret for close-combat
- two launch pist for fighters 
- one launch pist for heavy craft
- one geothermal reactor ( remplace water by lava, take care of the wool !)
- 2 storage area for military units
- one space-docking-tower
- a living area ( unfinished )

currently, the project' on pause'cause i do't have the time. if you want to continute, then do it !!!
Progress25% complete
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