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1:1 Admiral Grigorovich class guided missile frigate

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Mikoyan-Mig31 avatar Mikoyan-Mig31
Level 9 : Apprentice Explorer
My recreation of the Project 11356R "Admiral Grigorovich class" guided missile frigate "Admiral Essen" of the russian black sea fleet.

The Admiral Grigorovich class is a class of guided missile frigates used by the russian navy in it's black sea fleet. The ship is based on the Talwar class, produced by Russia for India, but it features much better weaponry. Both the Admiral Grigorovich and the Talwar use the same hull construction as the soviet "Krivak class" frigate, which leads to them being called the "Krivak V and Krivak IV" respectively.
3 ships have been completed so far.
Admiral Grigorovich
Admiral Essen
Admiral Makarov

The Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov have been used to launch Kalibr cruise missiles against ukrainian shore installations, and both have been claimed to have been hit by ukrainian "R-360 Neptune" ant-ship missiles, but there reports are unconfirmed. The Admiral Makarov is going to replace the Slava-class cruiser "Moskva" as the new black sea flagship, after it sank on April 14th 2022 after being hit by 2 Neptune missiles.
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