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[1.12] The Tamriel continent (Mega Survival island)

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Level 28 : Expert Dragon
Dedicated to my friend Alex!

Back to Tamrieeeeel! Get high in High-Rock, hammered in Hammerfell!
Back where heroes dweeeeell, time to settle down and there's no elven Mademoiselle!
(seriously, there are none, no need to search)


Aside from being my 17th? 18th? reinsertion in the Elder Scrolls' world, this is a huge survival island totalizing 2432*2432, or
5914624 blocks² which is... well, not so bad.

There is not much to say though.
This is the entire Tamriel continent remade thanks to these guys height maps, which explains how I could wome up with a map of this size so quickly.
See by yourself!
The map. As I said, it was 100% landscaped with some height maps I found on the nexus.

It is NOT populated, is NOT 100% accurate with the games (seriously, just look at how I biomed Skyrim, 100% not accurate), and there are NO land structures. This project is just meant to have a cool mega survival island in which you can find some of the games's terrain.

All screenshots are taken (laboriously) with 64 render distance, the Molly shaders in its 1.14 version, and 14GB RAM used.
Download is available right now, which I personnaly find great.

I probably will update it with some ocean landscaping because the ocean miiiiiight not be more than 1 block deep which sucks.
--EDIT-- just before posting this I updated the ocean landscape so the map isn't accurate anymore.

Don't forget to leave a diamond if you enjoyed the idea!


-Bethesda for the making of my two favourite RPGs of all time
-Transbot9 for the heightmap
-Silv and her team for the "Molly Shaders"

PS : If you really want an accurate Tamriel project, go check THIS PAGE.
CreditBethesda Softworks, Transbot9 (for the heightmaps), Silv (among the others) for the shaders
Progress80% complete

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12/18/2017 5:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BunnyGoon avatar
hello can i help build it
12/20/2017 11:14 am
Level 28 : Expert Dragon
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Feel free to download the map and give it a look :)

The terraining is done, and I personnaly think the map is too small to be populated (by accurrate structures) but if you want to do some terraining and building feel free to do so, and don't forget to send me the results :)
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