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[1.9 - 1.16] Hierarchy: a MOBA map !

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Gunivers avatar Gunivers
Level 22 : Expert Engineer

Yes, you are right, this is a REAL MOBA, in Minecraft, what more abnormal than that ?

Created by Gunivers, Hierarchy is a PvP map which needs at least 2 players. You can choose between 24 heroes each one with its own spells and its own combo. This map has 5 game modes and 4 fighting places.
Let's begin with the fighting places :
  • Arena: a small map, only one lane, no jungle
  • Ruins: a medium-sized map, three lanes + jungle
  • River: a big map, two lanes + jungle
  • Infection: a really small map for 1v1 and 2v2
The goal is to drain all of the enemy tickets. The way of draining depends on the game mode :
  • Conquest:
    This is the common MOBA mode. Destroy every turret in a lane to reach
    the inhibitor. Once this inhibitor destroyed, look for the bulk and jump
    in it. Each jump and each turret destroyed will make your opponents
    lose tickets.
  • CTF: Capture the enemy flag and bring it back to yours. Each capture will make the enemy lose tickets.
  • Deathmatch: Kill your enemies to make them lose tickets, easy.
  • WTF?!: Changelog: Removed any form of logic.
  • Deroute: Kill your enemies but don't die, you have only one life. Perfect for competitve games.

This map also has several gameplay elements that are present in most of the MOBA :
  • Fast messages (strategic messages easy to send)
  • Shop (potion buying)
  • Back (brings you back to your spawn to have your health and mana back)
  • Surrend (well.. surrend)
  • Jungle (Use dark paths to catch your opponents)
we have more or less useless and so essential items such as "Hats"
which you can unlock by playing and by doing some challenges.
Progress100% complete

2 Update Logs

Update 1.16 ! : 05/01/2021 4:03:10 pmMay 1st

Fixed: Minions were burning in the sun
Fixed: The tip dedicated to the donation incentive redirected to an old page
Fixed: Shulkers used for the passive of assassins (climbing walls) died underfoot
Fixed: If the Thunder assassin dies with the Electron spell active, the spell would continue when it reappeared
Fixed: Swords did too little damage
Fixed: The magma_cube used to highlight the turrets could be killed by the players
Fixed: Magma_cube used to highlight bulk did not appear
Fixed: Cooldowns were not reset at the beginning of the game
Fixed: Some holographic texts displayed "Armor Stand
Fixed: Players could suddenly take off after taking a damage
Tweak: Players don't take any fall damage anymore, including via spells
Nerf: The Wind Howler mage's ultimate power is now limited to fixed damage, so it's impossible to use the heights of the field to inflict huge damage
Buff: The Wind Howler assassin's ultimate now deals fixed damage, so players can no longer use terrain heights to reduce fall damage.
Tweak: Players in elytra now take damage if they run into a wall. However, if they hit the ground, the damage is dampened.
Tweak: The speed of all entities has been reduced
Tweak: Increased the range of the mages' basic attack + slight visual touch-up
Tweak: The passive of assassins and hunters has been reworked to be more fluid

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08/31/2018 5:33 am
Level 32 : Artisan Explorer
bar5098 avatar
i think it's look good but the sun of your shaders is ruining most of the pictures
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