[1.14.3] Sethbling's Music Maker Re-Made v1.1

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About 2 years ago I watched this video. It was Sethbling's Mob Music Maker where he made a pentatonix scale (I'm not sure if I'm writing that properly) using minecraft entities.

I liked what he made and wanted to try it out for myself, unfortunately he didn't leave a download to the machine, so I could never try it out.

Come July 2, 2019 when I re-watched the video. I now really wanted it in my world so I took it upon myself to re-make it in 1.14.3 for all of you guys!

To use it i recommend watching his original video, the machine will work with ALL entities expect armor stands.

MEMM stands for Minecraft "Entity" Music Maker

-Congrats On 2M Seth :)
CreditSethbling for designing the original machine
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

v1.1 : 07/02/2019 5:46:41 pmJul 2nd, 2019

- Added All Note Block Sounds To Use In The "Field"
- Tweaked Things Here And There
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