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1.14.4 Random Exclusive Sequence Generator / Random Clock Length In Minecraft

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    Posted 09/01/2013
    by Pishleback
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avatar TeamPishcraft
Level 4 : Apprentice Network
Hello everyone!, this is the second upload on the TeamPishcraft Planet Minecraft profile. What i bring you today is what i would like to call a "random exclusive sequence" or a "random clock length" generator, does both really.

So, what exactly does it do?, it loops with a clock that activates a 4-bit random generator, and every time a specific output has been triggered at least once, it marks that output as triggered, it does this using an rs-nor latch, all of the latches are ANDed together, and once they all have been activated, the output from the AND gate will trigger the reset mechanism, then it's ready to run again, this will create a random exclusive sequence with the numbers 1-15 (0 is there as well, tho technically does nothing) and it will also have your clock run for a random amount of time, depending on how long it takes to randomly generate all of the outputs.

This is an idea i have had for a while, but i never really came around to doing it, in all fairness i don't know exactly what this would be used for, other than it being pretty cool, if you download it via the .schem file, then you need to fill each of the 4 droppers in with 1 non-stackable item, and 1 stackable item, as the .schem file does not remember items inside containers.

I hope you found this interesting and enjoyed it, if you did so, then please make sure to, subscribe, diamond and comment :)

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