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[1.14+] Hot Spring Schematics

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UnknwnBuilds avatar UnknwnBuilds
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Hello! It's me Unknwn.

Today I'm sharing some schematics for some things that I love to build;
Hot Springs!

These are all schematics made using world edit.

The file includes the schematics and the actual world that has them.

Each schematic is saved from the bottom point, so if you place them down, you are placing them down 4 blocks underground.
I recommend testing around to find the optimal place to put them.

The world is in 1.16.4, but the schematic can be used from 1.14+ as they use campfires to give off the steam effect.

Hope these help to spice up your world. I also included a video I did detailing how to build another set, for anyone interested in doing this in survival!

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