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1.16 - How to Check Horse Stats with Commands (McFunction)

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*1.16 Update* Attributes naming convention has changed

This supports Donkeys, Mules, Skeleton and Zombie Horses as well. You can also create more than one of these stat checkers without causing conflicts!

Other versions:
1.14 and 1.15

You can skip Step 1 by Downloading the World Save and copying the horsestats folder in datapacks (you will still need to do Step 2)

Step 1 - Create Datapack
To navigate to your minecraft saves folder, open file explorer and type %appdata%\.minecraft\saves
Open the folder with the name of your world. There will be a datapacks folder, open this. It is probably empty.
Create a folder, named whatever you want, I will use horsestats
inside this folder, create a file named pack.mcmeta Open with notepad and paste the following:
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Also inside the horsestats folder, create a folder named data
in data, create another folder named horsestats
in horsestats, create a folder named functions

The full file path will look something like C:\Users\NitroxNova\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\horseblock\datapacks\horsestats\data\horsestats\functions

Inside the functions folder, create a file named checkstats.mcfunction Open with notepad and paste the following
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Step 2 - World Setup
Open the world, or type /reload command if it was already open
Run the following commands:
  /scoreboard objectives add HorseHealth dummy
  /scoreboard objectives add HorseSpeed dummy
  /scoreboard objectives add HorseJump dummy
Give yourself a command block /give @p command_block
Place command block level with the ground, and right click it.
Type the following in the console command box of the command block
  function horsestats:checkstats
Place a pressure plate on top of the command block. Stepping on the pressure plate will generate three signs. If there are no horses around, they will say zero. If you ride, lead or push an equine within 2 blocks of the command block and trigger the pressure plate, its respective stats will show up on the signs. This works on babies, untamed and untamable equines as well.
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