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[1.16] Plains Home by UnknwnBuilds

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Level 23 : Expert Architect

This build is meant to serve as a survival world for anyone interested. It is a small house on a hill, with a nice spacious interior.

When you download, the file includes two separate inner files. With / Without, these files lead to different save files.

This world includes the house with a prebuilt interior, which holds a bed, brewing stand, furnaces, a crafting table, armor stands, and storage.

This world does not have a prebuilt interior, you can design it however you want.

House upon the hill.
A rabbit farm/patch.
A small carrot farm.
A small potato farm.
A treehouse.
Custom Trees

Sorry, but this world is not getting any lore with it. I will let you create that! If anyone does think of anything, be sure to comment on your story with it. Who was here before, why did they give it to you, did they give it to you? I left a book and quill in the interior house for you to write that story. Enjoy!

1.16.4 (Any 1.16 version should work)

1.Download the file from this site
2.Extract the world from the zipped file.
3.Choose between the world in the With or Without.
3.Input it into your saves file within your Minecraft folder.
4.Open up Minecraft and it should be in your single-player section.

Please do not steal this and mark it off as your own. If you do use it to upload a series based on it, send me a link to your videos! I would love to watch how the world develops around it.

Progress100% complete

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