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[1.17.1 or newer] 96 bytes of RAM [FPS DROP WARNING]

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CrazyRedstoner__75rx avatar CrazyRedstoner__75rx
Level 28 : Expert Engineer
1.17.1 or Newer: Minecraft Redstone 96-byte RAM. Hey there, this is the folder zipped map where you can use 96-byte RAM for free. But I am warning you about the FPS drop. FPS means Framerate Per Second, as more you have it, smoother your game plays. Basically 1 framerate example means your computer shows 1 different or same picture per second, meaning about 950 FPS means your computer shows 950 different or same pictures per second. My computer does have 240FPS by default and average, but when rendering on this thing does fall to 70FPS, +when recording on my YT falls to 45FPS. 96 bytes is 768 bits, each lamp is 1 bit, each byte is 8 bits. We have 32 layers and 24 rows, meaning 32*24/8=96--bytes.
Follow our YouTube to not skip any more redstone builds: www.youtube.com/75rxREDSTONE

World info:
Supportable Edition: Java
Required version: 1.17.1 or newer
ZIP Size: About 1,30MB
World Folder Size: About 8,33MB

Have fun!
Progress100% complete

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