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[1.20.1] The Zombie Apocalypse X: Standard Edition

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Nordic Studios's Avatar Nordic Studios
Level 77 : Legendary Creator
Rumors have spread across the land about a large settlement known as the Civic Republic, a place where survivors have tried to rebuild society the way it was before. Where is this place? Will you be able to find it?

The Zombie Apocalypse X includes a ton of Quality of Life improvements, such as integrating recipe datapacks into the map, giving you the ability to start the map in multiple locations, increased levels of fast travel when you reach the Civic Republic, many new traders for both special and common items, and a lot more!

Required Mods:
- The Zombie Apocalypse: Foundations
- SimpleOres
- Biomes o' Plenty

Patreon Release Date: August 20th 2023
Free to Play Release Date: August 20th 2024

A huge thanks to mattuFIN for the original designs of some of the new buildings!

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CreditMr_Markie, mattuFIN, theannihilator2 (mountain-top temple), Naxdar (Observatory), Thaylar (Narayana's Palace)
Progress100% complete

11 Update Logs

Update #11 : by Nordic Studios 05/06/2024 6:40:11 amMay 6th

- The map is now free to play via Curseforge

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Nordic Studios
11/17/2023 11:38 am
Level 78 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
Hello, everyone.

I am thinking about making an update for this map, though it would take a while considering it's just me now. I'm basically interested in adding new underground locations, more locations to find and explore on existing map areas, small new features and special items, some quality of life fast travel options, more ways to make money at the Civic Republic settlement, new shops, etc.

If you'd be interested to see this happen, please let me know. Also, if you have any requests for specific locations or easter eggs or anything similar for me to add into the map, let me know that as well :)
07/01/2023 9:11 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Hunter
PokieGrimes's Avatar
Question is this Civic Republic based on twd's Civic Republic?
Nordic Studios
07/02/2023 2:42 am
Level 78 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
Yes it is
06/28/2023 7:24 am
Level 1 : New Miner
BulbiDef's Avatar
No way this map still updated 0.0 wanna see the result !!! BulbiDef for my head if you want ;)
Nordic Studios
06/28/2023 9:01 am
Level 78 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
Alright, your head will be added as a loot item! ;)

When the next changelog releases, you'll be able to see a small hint of where you can expect to find it!
06/24/2023 3:58 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
ussclaywolf's Avatar
ussclaywolf for my head
Nordic Studios
06/24/2023 5:19 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
Copy that - your head will be added to the map! :)

(Oceanside will also be added)
06/24/2023 10:59 am
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Nordic Studios
06/24/2023 11:44 am
Level 78 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
I’m happy to hear it!

Your head will now be found as a loot item :)
Nordic Studios
06/23/2023 2:53 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
Leave your username in the comments OR send us a private message with your username, and your player head will be added as a loot item in the map! :)