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1:2 scale Kiev (Project 1143 ("Krechyet"))

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The Kiev class, Soviet designation Project 1143 Krechyet (gyrfalcon), was the first class of both fixed-wing aircraft carriers (heavy aircraft cruiser in Soviet classification) and battlecruisers built in the Soviet Union for the Soviet Navy.

Unlike most NATO aircraft carriers, such as U.S. or most British ones, the Kiev class is a combination of both a cruiser and an aircraft carrier. In the Soviet Navy, this class of ships was specifically designated as a "heavy aviation cruiser" (Russian: Тяжелые авианесущие крейсера) rather than solely as an aircraft carrier. This designation allowed the ships to transit the Turkish Straits, while the 1936 Montreux Convention prohibited aircraft carriers heavier than 15,000 tons from passing through the Straits.

In service since 1975, these V/STOL carriers are the follow-on design to the Moskva helicopter-cruisers. Intended for the pro-submarine mission, these ships carry an impressive array of anti-ship and anti-air missiles in addition to extensive anti-submarine warfare capabilities. Unlike US Navy carriers, their main offensive strength lies in their battery of cruise missiles, with the onboard aircraft mostly used for air cover.

These ships often operate as flagships in strike or hunter-killer groups.
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