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1.5:1 scale BTR-82A v2

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The turret of my old BTR-82 (linked below) has been bothering me recently, so I decided to do a somewhat major update to the old design that remained mostly unchanged for over a year

(old build from 10 months ago)

The BTR-82A is the latest production version with improved armor, spall liners, a more modern night vision device TKN-4GA-02, 2A72 30 mm gun (a lighter, less complex cousin of the 2A42), GLONASS navigation system and a more powerful 300 hp engine. The prototype of the BTR-82A was shown for the first time in November 2009. The Russian Ministry of Defense adopted the BTR-82A in early 2013.[9] In a Syrian government TV channel report, a BTR-82A was seen in battle in Syria around September 2015. The video showed BTR-82A crew members speaking Russian. It is widely believed[by whom?] that Russian armored vehicle units were directly fighting anti-government groups in Syria.[10] Russia integrated the AU-220M Baikal remote turret[11] to the BTR-82A fitted with an autocannon firing the 57x348SR mm shells at 120 rpm.[12][13][14] The type tests of the updated BTR-82A armored personnel carrier have successfully been completed as of April 2019. Since 2019, all vehicles of the type will receive additional protection and a new fire control system with a thermal imager

taken from Wikipedia,
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