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1.5:1 scale T-55AM

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Early on during the production T-55s were fitted with the TSh-2B-32P sight. Starting in 1970 T-55s were being armed at Uralwagonzavod with either a 12.7 mm DShK 1938/46 or KPVT loader's anti-aircraft heavy machine guns. These tanks were known as Model 1970, or sometimes T-55AM. KTD-1 or KTD-2 laser rangefinders and R-123 or R-123M radio sets were fitted to older tanks starting in 1974 (Model 1974).[104][108] At the same time efforts were made to modernize and prolong the life of the drive train.[104]
T-55 fitted with the ZET-1 vehicle protection system. It has net structure centred on vehicles main armament and flipper-type side plates.[37]

T-55M (Ob'yekt 155M)/T-55AM (Ob'yekt 155AM)[108] – Modernization of respectively T-55 and T-55A with new "Volna" fire control system, 9K116-1 "Bastion" ATGM system with new 1K13 BOM guidance device/sight, improved "Tsiklon-M1" gun stabilization system and TShSM-32PV sights, V-55U engine,[111] improved suspension and RMSh tracks, increased armour, anti-mine, anti-napalm and improved anti-radiation protection and new R-173/173P radio set. Visual differences include a laser range-finder in an armoured box fitted over the main armament, side skirts, 81 mm "Tucha" smoke grenade launchers, BDD turret brow armour and glacis appliqué, and rear RPG screens
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