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1.5:1 scale T-80 variants Part 1

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Level 48 : Master Turtle

T-80 1976
First production model. The T-80 has some features of both the T-64 and T-72, and other features unique to itself. In general, the offensive capabilities of the T-80 are similar to the T-64A, but it is faster thanks to the GTD-1000T 1,000 hp (746 kW) multi-fuel gas turbine engine.

This first major redesign features a modified turret with new composite K ceramic armor providing better protection against APFSDS kinetic energy penetrators. The protection level of the turret increased from 410 mm of steel to 500 mm of steel. It also includes 1A33 fire control system, 9K112-2 system which allows firing 9M112 "Kobra" (NATO code: AT-8 Songster) ATGM using the tank's barrel.

T-80B with Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armour. The smoke grenade launchers were moved from either side of the main armament back to the either side of the turret and positioned between the turret side and the ERA panels. On the turret of the T-80BV, the panels are joined to form a shallow chevron shape. ERA is also fitted to the forward part of the turret roof to provide protection against attacks from above. While the ERA provides a high degree of protection against ATGM of its time which relied on a HEAT warhead to penetrate armor over the frontal arc, it does not provide any added protection against APDS or APFSDS.

Up to 300[​8]units, installed "Relikt" ERA, PNM Sosna-U gunner sight (as in T-90, T-72B3), the improved 125mm gun 2A46M-4, the upgraded gas turbine engine, upgrade of various other systems.[​9][​10][​11] Currently being delivered

expect a second part with the rest of the t-80s to be posted soon
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