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[1.19.2] War of the Fell Lord - NEW UPDATE

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Miller2481 avatar Miller2481
Level 21 : Expert Miner
PLEASE NOTE: That this map requires a lot of command blocks to run. You may experience lag

ALSO NOTE: Updating to 1.18 caused some repeating command blocks to not function for no explicit reason. We tested the ones needed for the map to function, but there may still be a few stray ones not working. If you encounter a situation where you suspect a command block is in-active, please share. In the mean time we will continue to test

of the Fell Lord
is an Adventure Map with inspiration from Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Rayman 2. It is a Semi-Open World RGP where you will explore, fight, and discover many incredible lands. With an estimated 4-6 Hours to complete, it is a massive game that will definitely fill some of that extra time you have from the lockdowns and online-classes.

The map is designed around Player Choice; right from the beginning you have the choice to with which directions you want to explore, what weapons to equip, and armor to wear. Since this is Semi-Open World -- you will have the flexibility to travel at your pace, but since the map is divided into Kingdoms you will not be overwhelmed or fall behind in loot as each new Kingdom you find is a fresh start of new Weapons, Armor, and Loot. You also have plenty of choices of how you want to build your Character, which goes far beyond the basic options of Weapons. You decide how to Play!

The Map has many Features that ensure each Player has a unique play experience that fits their style, and permits multiple play throughs! The features are as follows:
  • A Main Story Quest: Obviously needs something for you to do!
  • Side Quests: Pretty Standard for an RPG, but still have to mention it
  • Bosses: Duh, come one give us something unique
  • Magic: Magic System that used Splash Potions, which are recharged when Cast
  • Crime: You may committed different kinds of Crimes, which may result in a Bounty. You can even Pick-Pocket Villagers!
  • Covenants: There are 16 unique Covenants that you can choose to join, each one giving you a game altering advantage.
  • Guilds: There are 8 Guilds that can be joined, which allow you to earn Unique Rewards
  • Special Items: Aside from that Standard Sets of Armor you can Purchase, you can also discover Special Weapons, Armor, and Items that give you a unique edge. Over 40Items!
  • Level-Up System: Rack up enough Points and you can Level-Up to increase either your health, attack damage, or speed
  • Fast-Traveling: The ability to teleport to previously discovered destinations reduces redundant travel
  • Holiness: Based on your actions, you are given a Holiness rating, which may have game altering effects
  • Buy a Home: In every major city/town, you can buy a home!

IMPORTANT: If you do not spawn in the Spawn Room, teleport yourself to these coordinates: -237 8 733

Guild of Warriors - Champions of Offense and Attack

Guild of Rangers - Experts of Ranged Attack and Survival

Guild of Mages - Scholars of Spells and Potions

Guild of Striders - Professionals of Light Weight Combat

Guild of Knights - Masters of Armor and Defense

Guild of Assassins - Specialists of Stealth and Agility

Guild of Believers - Apostles of Protection and Healing

Guild of Thieves - Masterminds of Stealing

Guild of Gliders - They just like the glide

LIST OF Weapons
All Weapons are Relatively Equal when Fully Upgraded

Melee Weapons

Ancient Blade - Increases Armor Value
Bane of Undead -
Bonus Damage against the Undead
Blade of Lifesteal -
Steals Health from Enemies
Blade of Chaos -
Causes Enemies to Explode when Hit
Death Blade-
Poison Damage
Flaming Sword -
Fire Damage
Hammer of Glory -
High Damage and Knockback
Maleraye's Trident -
Returns to hand when thrown
Sacred Blade -
Extremely Powerful Sword but Vanishes upon Death
Scythe of the Fell Lord -
Slows Enemies when Hit
Steel Longsword -
A balanced Sword
Steel Shortsword -
Faster Attack
Steel Claymore -
Increased Sweep Attack
Steel War-Axe -
High Single Target Damage
Steel Pole-Axe -
Extra Single Target Knockback
Steel Spear -
Can also be thrown
Swift Demon Blade - Speed Boost when Hit Enemies
Warrior's Axe - Attack Boost when you Hit Enemies
Windwalker Katana - Increases Movement Speed
Zweihander - Heavy Sweep Attack and Knockback, but Slows

Ranged Weapons
Longbow - A Balanced Bow
Recurve Bow - Extra Damage
Warrior's Bow - Attack Boost for Melee
Assassin's Bow - Movement Speed Boost
Bow of Burning - Fire Damage
Dragonslayer Bow - Very High Damage
Large Crossbow - A Balance Crossbow
Repeating Crossbow - Triple show
Knight's Crossbow - Increases Armor

All Armor is Relatively Equal when Fully Upgraded


Crown of Regeneration(light) - Permanent Regeneration
Helmet of Fury(light) - Increases Attack Speed
Ranger's Helmet(light) - Speed Boost when Shoots Arrow
Helmet of the Fell Lord((light) - Chance of Damaging Enemies when Hurt
Helmet Renewal(light) - Heals when taking Damage
Steel Helmet
(light) - A Balanced Helmet

Mystical Helmet(heavy) - Percentage Armor and Health Increase
Helmet of Invincibility(heavy) - Chance of Invulnerability when Hurt
Helmet of Purity(heavy) - Resistance while Healing
Cap of Greed(n/a)- Pay to Win
Snow Golem Warrior Helmet(Heavy) - Increases Health
Horned Helmet(heavy) - Thorns

Chestplate of Valor(heavy) - Increases Attack Damage
Chestplate of the Fell Lord(light) - Chance of Damaging Enemies when Hurt
Cursed Chestplate(heavy) - Doubles Attack Damage but Halves Health
Divine Chestplate(light) - Summons a Potion of Healing when Hit
Chestplate of Pestilence(light) - Slowly Kills nearby Enemies
Piglin Brute Chestplate(heavy) - Strength when Hurt
Centaurian Chestplate(light) - Strength when you have Speed Effect
Havel's Armor(heavy) - Extremely High Protection but Slows Speed
Heavy Chestplate of Thorns(heavy) - Thorns
Hallowed Chestplate(heavy) - Strength when High Health, Resistance when Low Health
Chestplate of the Golden Sun(heavy) - Sacrifice Level-Up Points to make the Chestplate Stronger

Boots of the Nimble Cat(light) - Negates Fall Damage
Traveler's Boots(light) - Increases Sprint Speed
Sentinel Boots(heavy) - Slows Nearby Enemies when Hurt
Boots of Regrowth(light) - Speed Boost when Healing
Taurus Boots(heavy) - Resistance when Crouching
Skulker Shoes(light) - Speed Boost when Hurt
Assassin's Boots(light) - Increases Movement Speed

Shield of Resistance**** - Grants Resistance when Blocks Damage
Dragonslayers Shield**** - Increases Attack Damage
Shield of Healing**** - Grants Regeneration when Blocks Damage
Swift Demon Shield**** - Speed Boost when Blocks Damage
Spiked Shield**** - Thorns
Shield of Vitality***** - Increases Health

Torch* - Lightens the Dark
Walking Stick** - Increases Speed when Held
Amulet of Knowledge** - Increases Level-Up Points Earned with Each Kill
Bottomless Potion of Healing** - Infinite Healing
Everlasting Potato** - Infinite Potato
Twin Blade**** - Increases Attack Speed and Damage
Death Rod**** - Slows and Withers its Target
Staff of Lightning**** - Summons a Bolt of Lightning when a Spell is Cast
Healing Crystal**** - Heals when Held
Soul of the Flame**** - Increases Attack Damage and Speed when Held
Chains of Power**** - Increases Attack Damage when Held

List of All Covenants
Brave Warriors
-Prevents loss of Levels upon Death

Maldark Forest
-Grants Healing when Damage is taken

Piglin Berserker
-Bonus Strength and Speed when you Kill

Swamp Witch
-Slows nearby Enemies

-Poison Attacks when Sneaking

Sewer Rat
-Strength and Speed when on Low Health

Iron Sentinels
-Permanent Resistance Effect, but slowed Attack Speed

Dunma Tree
-Health Boost

The Undying
-Regeneration and Speed when very near Death

Burning Sun
-Infinite Sunlight and Immunity to Fire

-Permanent Strength

Dark Mongers
-Bonus Strength at night, but Weakness at day

Evil Eye
-Chance of Healing when you Kill

Stone Shield
-Bonus Resistance when on Low Health

Lighting Wizards
-Summons a burst of Lighting when you Kill

Fell Lord
-Summons Hell Fangs when you are Hurt

Some Fun Item Combinations
There are lots of Weapons and Armors that complement each other in powerful builds. Here are some of my favorites:

The Sinister Set
-Horned Helmet
-Chestplate of Thorns
-Sentinel Boots
-Spiked Shield
-Covenant of the Fell Lord

Wearing the Helmet, Chestplate, and Shield gives you three independent 46% chance of inflicting damage when hit, with the additional guaranteed damage from Fangs that get summoned when you get hit due to the Covenant. With the bonus of adding a slow effect to enemies when you are hit from the Sentinel Boots, you will be begging your foes to attack you just so they will kill themselves.

The One-Shot Build
-Hammer of Glory
-Steel War-Axe (off-hand)
-Cursed Chestplate
-Covenant of the Dragonslayer

This one is a little silly but if you want to maximize you attack, this is it. The Hammer increases your attack by six plus an additional 25%, and the off-hand Axe increases by 5. The Dragonslayer Covenant gives you permanent Strength effect (3 damage increase). The Cursed Chest-plate doubles your attack. If you max out you Base Power by Leveling up, you will be dealing a whopping 21 hearts of damage with every hit!!! That will almost certainly kill every enemy you encounter with a single smash of the Hammer. Be warned: The Cursed Chestplate will also halve your health (Note: If you get the highest rank in the Guild of Warriors, you get a Strength III effect when sprinting, putting your damage at 28 hearts with this build; which is the highest damage from a single hit possible in the game).

High Damage Build
-Hammer of Glory
-Dragonslayer Shield
-Chestplate of Valor
-Covenant of the Dragonslayer

This is a still a very high damage build, but without all the sacrifice of the above version, making it more viable. The Hammer still gives you 6 plus 25%, but now the Shield gives another 25% plan an additional 3 from the Chestplate and a permanent strength from the Covenant. This totals to 12.5 hearts of damage. Not a one-shot anymore, but still very high damage but now you at least have a shield and your full health.

Speed Demon Build
-Windwalker Katana
-Assassin's Bow (off-hand)
-Ranger's Helmet
-Centaurian Chestplate
-Assassin's Leggings
-Mercury Boots

If you want to move really fast, this is for you. The Katana, the Bow, and the Boots give you a 10% speed boost each. When you shoot the bow, the Helmet grants you a Swiftness Effect(20% speed boost). With a maxed out Agility stat from Leveling Up, you could be moving at a value of .22, for reference, the standard speed without any items or effects is only .10. The Chestplate gives you a free Strength effect whenever you shoot you bow as a bonus and the Leggings increase your sneak speed.

The Tank Build
-Blade of Lifesteal
-Shield of Vitality
-Snow Golum Helmet
-Chestplate of Oath
-Divine Boots
-Covenant of the Sacred Dunma

Almost every of these items and Covenant increase your max health, and it totals to 23 hearts. The Blade of Lifesteal gives you health regeneration when you hit an enemy, so you will practicably be un-killable.

The Aura Build
-Great Chestplate of Pestilence
-Covenant of the Swamp Witch
-Staff of Dismay

Here's a simple one. Both of these give you an aura that effects nearby enemies. The Chestplate gives Wither II effect to close enemies, and the Covenant slows their movement speed. The Staff also gives a weakness effect whenever you cast a spell as a bonus.
Progress100% complete

29 Update Logs

Update #29 : by Miller2481 08/14/2022 11:57:41 amAug 14th, 2022

-Changed the Fire Covenant to be a lot better
-Buffed the Chains of Power
-Added Red-Highlights underneath chests that would be considered "stealing"

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09/13/2022 5:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Star9861 avatar
hey i forgot to say this, need a hint of new location of diamond of risaria
09/05/2022 1:18 pm
Level 27 : Expert Dragonborn
PizzaBombz avatar
It's really good, except the spells break much more frequently than occasionally. I would add a backup system that continues to attempt to give someone the spell back until it detects they actually have it
08/13/2022 6:18 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Architect
DiamondMiner535 avatar
I can't find the western mine. There are many mines in the west, but I can't find the one I need for the side quest
08/14/2022 11:56 amhistory
Level 21 : Expert Miner
Miller2481 avatar
Apparently this was a mistake that I never noticed, my apologies

You will be able to complete the side-quest in the mines of Azrose Mountain, which is between the town you spawn in and Haebrin. I will fix this with the next update.
08/14/2022 4:57 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Architect
DiamondMiner535 avatar
So the side quest is still doable, but it was moved to Azrose Mountain?
04/21/2022 8:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Star9861 avatar
i just got to location of risaria's diamond, but it only contains old leggings, did it changed?
04/25/2022 10:11 pm
Level 21 : Expert Miner
Miller2481 avatar
Yes, the Diamond of Risaria was moved to a brand new location within Risaria because I felt that being in the mines was tucked too far into a corner. The new spot is more centralized within the region
12/08/2021 4:20 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
natovan avatar
1. If you enter East Maldark Forest (from Rivera) under some conditions I don't about, game will think you commited murder against Gregory. I just did it a couple of times then relogged and it stopped.
2. Can't speak with farmer at raid mission
3. Gates at dragon thing don't open. (scoreboard dragonKill is 2)

UPD: Just noticed new update. This bug is in Crime and Holiness Update
12/08/2021 1:42 pm
Level 21 : Expert Miner
Miller2481 avatar
The Farmer issue has been addressed in recent updates (it was a glitch caused by Updating to 1.18). I will look into what is causing the the game to mistaken a murder.

Thank you for the feedback!
12/02/2021 1:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
natovan avatar
Hey you. You are finally awake.
Still best RPG map in mc I played.
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