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Level 1 : New Network
1 Year 1 K is a project my friend and I started, Basically, we start in a blank world with the world border set to 1k. we have 1 Year to transform the whole flatland into a city with a lot of detail!

Requirements to join:

-Be a good builder
-Be respectful to all members
-You must be 13 or Older to join the project
-Know how worldedit works


-No breaking other's Builds without permission
-Stay within the style of building in the region you're building in
-You can get a map download to use as a reference in single-player please don't build anything that you don't feel will fit in the map without first checking how it looks in singleplayer if you are sure you can build it in the map

-Make the flatland into a city
-add as much detail as possible in the 1 year
CreditThankyou Kadebrown for making the server
Progress5% complete

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