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[1.4.5][AT.S Yuan]2012-When The World Is End[Survival]

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salamandra12138 avatar salamandra12138
Level 16 : Journeyman Crafter
Hi!Salamandra here!

Welcome to

Apple Tree Studio!


Well,I am a Malaysian,and my English is not good......

So,sorry for the broken English!><


And today,I'm gonna share to you all a very good

Survival Map!

This map is made by my studio leader:

Yuan Yuan

And I'm just only help my leader for sharing at here~

The name of the map is:

2012-When The World Is End

Additional Notes


This is the map that talk about the world is end at 2012! Just kidding ya!XD

And this map have a little bit like parkour~

But this is a SURVIVAL MAP!


1.Please play in HARD mode(If you are playing in normal survive but not hardcore)

2.Please use The End Is Extreamely Nigh texture pack

3.Do not use cheating program


And this map also have some achievements that you need to complete.

1.Find 20 Nether Star

2.Plant 10 Watermelon

3.Plant 10 Pumpkin

4.Make a Beacon

5.Wear all the chain armor set

6.Make a Nether Gate

7.Find the Gate to The End

8.Kill the Ender Dragon

9.Get a Dragon Egg

10.Build a house (need to have a Bed,a Door,a Big Chest,a Enchanting Room,Furnace x5)

11.Build a 15x15 Mushroom Farm

12.Build a 20x20 Wheat Farm

13.Build a 15x15 Cactus Farm

14.Build a 15x15 Sugar Cane Farm

15.Make a Diamond Chestplate and Diamond Leggings

16.Didn't DIE


If your computer are not very good,you can download

the map without water~

2012-When The World Is End

2012-When The World Is End(Hardcore)

2012-When The World Is End(Without water)

2012-When The World Is End(Without water)(Hardcore)

And if you think this map is awsome,please

like us on our FB Fan Page~

And also please subscribe our leader

on youtube

(Althought you all cannot understand


But also can give us a little bit

Progress100% complete

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