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[1.4.7][PvP] Cops vs Robbers: Creeper Hills


MineKraft Presents... Cops vs Robbers Creeper Hills

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Level 39 : Artisan Engineer
The MineKraft Server presents...

Cops vs Robbers: Creeper Hills

A team of Creeper's Hill's finest is pitted up against the Ruthless Robbers that have broken out of the local jail cell. The Robbers have a specific target in mind but need to find the location of the vault code in order to break in. The Cops must protect this code at all cost, or must discover which location the robbers plan to break in to before it's too late!

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Watch the trailor here!


Cops vs Robbers is a new PvP game type invented by members of the MineKraft server.

Creeper Hills map is now available for download celebrating the completion of our second Cops vs Robbers map, which is much more stream lined and bug free! Only playable through our dedicated PvP server.

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In Cops vs Robbers two teams are pitted against each other. Each team has four classes with specific objectives tailored to their class type. This map is made for 8+ players, with the more players the better (till about 32 players).

How to play:

At the beginning of the round the Robbers are given a target site from which they must steal the loot. Each round, a new target site is randomly generated.

In order to break in to the site the robbers must first find a 4-digit pass code. The location of the pass code is unknown to the robbers. This location is randomly generated each round. The 4-digit pass code is also randomly generated.

The Cops are given the location of the code room at the beginning of the round, and must stop the Robbers from getting this code. They are unaware of the Robbers targeted loot location.

If the code is obtained by the Robbers, the robbers must enter this code in to the 9-digit pad lock located at their specific target loot location given to them at the beginning of the round. Only the engineer is capable of placing a redstone torch to open the target site's vault.

Three (3) members of the Robber team must enter the vault and stand on pressure pads for about 20 seconds in order to receive the loot (an ender eye).

Once the loot has been obtained, the Robbers must return to their spawn location, only possible through the subway system beneath the town. The getaway driver has access to the subway system from the beginning of the round. Once he opens a single subway gate, all subway gates open and the rest of the players can enter the subway, including the cops.

Each round lasts 20 minutes. If the Robbers do not return the loot to their spawn before this time is up then the Cops win.

The map automatically resets at the end of a round and a new code room location, target vault location, and 4-digit pass code is generated.

How to play on a server:
Command blocks must be on
render distance for the server must be set to max (17+)

Known Bugs:
Vault doors do not reset at the rounds end. For the moment they must be manually reset by a moderator (if they are left open at the end of a round).

Visit the creator's Youtube pages:

Calisto_iRedux / Michael / Mad Scientist

MoSLegend / Cory / The Boss

And the rest of the MineKraft Krew:

Lucinde / Ryan / All-around MC Gamer:

MrEvilEngera/ Sybren / The Infant

MrChopVG / Jordan / The Lover:

Thank you to:

CodeCrafted for our use of his Easy Random Number Generator and 7-segment Display.

Cubehamster for our use of his Reliable Pseudo-Random Output Generator.

Sethbling for our use of his multiplayer spawn pad and the inspiration with his creation of the TF2 in Minecraft map.

MrChopVG for help with some miscellaneous builds.

All the BETA testers that helped us to ensure this map is well-balanced and bug free.

This trailor was created and edited by Calisto_iRedux.

Thank you to the BetterThanPorn Youtube channel for providing the royalty free dubstep songs used in this video.

Better Than Porn Dubstep Channel:
Progress: 100% Complete

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Update please :)
  • bandnan
  • Level 16
  • Journeyman Miner
  • May 28, 2013, 7:44 pm
do you need a pluginn for it and can you gelp me setup/run ot on my 24/7 hosted server im looking for a co owner to if you wossling to help me
I have no idea what "trackpads" is but I am willing to help you out if you let me know
  • -Razor6-
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Miner
  • February 16, 2013, 4:26 am

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