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[1.6.2] [PvP] Bloody Mess 2.0 [Bedwar]

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avatar Sebaaa
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Introduction :

Hello guys !
Today I present you the version 2.0 of Bloody Mess ! With the succes of the first version (more than 10k downloads) I decided to make a 2.0 with some changes.

But first I wanted to tell what is Bloody Mess.

Bloody Mess is a bedwar. So the goal is easy, you must destroy the bed(s) of the other(s) team(s). Without bed you cannot respawn in the map, so the last team in the map win the game.
My map was inspired by "Rush" and "Cube Control" by XisumaVoid.

You can play with 2, 3 or 4 teams (there is two randomiser in the map). And it's 1 to 5 players by teams. (5 is a bit too much but that works good ! More is too much)

The Rules :

1. Don't craft anything else than sticks, wooden pressure plate and wooden buttons !

2. Do what you want ! If you want to add some rules do it ! If you want to do something crazy in a game do it ! Do watherver you want !

3. Enjoy and have fun. Exept the rule 1 it is the most important rule !

Video :

By Cr00l0wnage with Xisuma, Sandrino69 and more !

Thanks to them Posted Image

How to play ? :

Each teams have : One bed, one spawner of wood, one spawner of cobblestone, two spawners of Iron, three chests and two Bonus Area.

With the wood spawner and the cobblestone spawner you can trade with villagers for a small stuff (wooden swords, ect). You must go to the other satellite with some blocks. There you can find money (Iron, Gold, Diamond and Emerald) that you can trade with villager for biggest stuff.

The two Bonus Area are :
- 60 seconds of Jump II for your team.
- 60 seconds of Speed II for your team.

If you have questions, if you find bugs of if you make a video of the map, I'm here ! :D

So again have fun guys !
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