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Level 35 : Artisan Artist
15 rooms - Pat'n Jen is made by A Weird Creeper for Pat and Jen a.k.a. Furious Destroyerand SuperGirlyGamer a.k.a. Popularmmos and GamingWithJen, but feel free to play it even if you're not Pat and Jen!
Some feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

It's an adventure map for 1.8.8 or 1.8.9 where you travel through 15 levels of Searching, Parkour, Puzzles, and Mazes where you do whatever you can to go to the next level!


  • Don't Cheat!
  • Play on Normal Difficulty
  • Play on Adventure mode
  • Don't kill animals (but you can kill mobs)
  • Don't hatch the chicken/duck eggs you get (They are going to be used at the end)
  • Share your points! (which are beaconz)
  • And Have Fun!

Downoald Texture Pack Link:

Don't Forget to downoald the Texture Pack!!! It's VERY important!

Need Help for some levels?
Spoiler - click to reveal

Level 1: Look up, There is a hidden lever

Level 2: No help needed for this one :) Just find the iron trapdoor!

Level 3: There is a lever in a chest under the tent, take it and place it on the gold block.

Level 4: Open the trapdoor and jump on the stone block! There is a hidden pressure plate

Level 5: Parkour on the flowers, to the bush, then on the library and throw something on the pressure plate!

Level 6: There is a passage through the trees and there is a button at the end. You will find it if you look up!

Level 7: Kill the skeletons; they will drop levers. Place one on the Hardened clay and power it!

Level 8: Go fish in the pond, trade those fishes to the villager inside the house to get a lever. Place this lever on the diamond block outside the house.

Level 9: No help needed for this one :) It's hard but I swear it's possible!

Level 10: Take the keys in the chest hidden behind the nether portal and parkour to go to the other portal. Then, press the button on the dirt block.

Level 11: No help needed for this one :) It's hard but I swear it's possible! Hint : Keep looking up!

Level 12: Go on top of the igloo, jump on the tree and hit the lever on the other side of the tree!

Level 13: Go down the ladder to go see The Cow That Jumped Over The Moon, Go down the stars, the cloud, the dirt to the bedrock, get the diamond, kill yourself to go back at the top, trade the diamond with The Cow That Jumped Over The Moon, put the pressure plate in front of the iron door, enter the dark side of the moon and find the hidden button!

Level 14: No help needed for this one :)

Level 15: Trade with the villagers to get armour, weapons, potions, ect. then kill the enderdragon! (don't forget to visit the zoo :) ) When the enderdragon is dead, get its egg with the pickaxe, the torch and the piston you got in the ender chests and drop it in the hopper after jumping in the exit portal. This will open a door, jump in the hole and press the button!

Please leave a diamond, it would help me a lot to make pat and jen play this map!

English is not my first language (It's French) So sorry for any errors ! :)

Link to Minecraft Forum Page: HERE!

GyllieGyllie made a playthough :)
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