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[1.6.2]{WIP}Clash Of Crafts!(Tower Defense/Redstone Mini Game)

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TheGameCrasher avatar TheGameCrasher
Level 20 : Expert Skinner

Hey Planet Minecraft!,

My name is TheGameCrasher, leader of a new build team, ShIFteD!
I've been hard at work recently on an upcoming tower defense map, and are here to ask for:

1: New Team Members!
2: Help and Ideas!

My last released map (Replica of Black Ops II Town Zombies) clocked over at 19,470 views and 7,200 downloads and i hope to beat that count with this new map!

At the moment these are only pictures, but i hope you can support the project!

That's all from me for now, Enjoy the pics!

Posted Image
The first picture is of the archer tower(LvL 1 Tower),does a light arrow attack, but slows down enemies as they approach, this is useful for small groups of zombies.

Posted Image
The castle(LvL 2 Tower),cant attack by using any kind of weapon itself, but uses Iron Golems to kill any zombies that get too close to the center of the tower

Posted Image
The mage tower(LvL 3 Tower), does a very heavy health potion attack, however cannot slow down zombies and has no other defense.

Posted Image
The graveyard(Zombie Tower); spawns the zombies that try to destroy your towers, but can be destroyed by the player; in the future i want these to appear randomly across the map.

Posted Image
The Decoy tower(Buyable?), delays the zombies heavily, but can only use fire to kill zombies this tower is useful for large groups of zombies.

Miscellaneous, and possible future updates:

Posted Image
Gold and other resources, i may add these in the future.

Posted Image
The redstone inside of the health bar, took about 3 days to perfect, uses command blocks for wireless redstone(very tedious to make!).

Posted Image
Concept towers for later implementation, i made these when i first started building the map.

And that's all i have to show right now, keep updated and share your thoughts!

Sneak Peek: Next tower will be The Mineshaft, coming in a week or so.

Additional Notes

Note!: This map is inspired by the popular mobile app Clash Of Clans. This is very much a W.I.P so it wont be released for some time.I originally posted this on the MC Forums, here's the link:
CreditTeam ShIFteD(Initials stand for each name)
Progress30% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 Decoy Tower : by TheGameCrasher 08/26/2013 5:21:13 amAug 26th, 2013

Added the Decoy Tower!
-Slows down enemies severely
-Can only use fire to kill zombies

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08/26/2013 5:41 am
Level 24 : Expert Skinner
MusicalCrazeMan avatar
More detail! You're getting to the pop reel!
08/27/2013 1:48 am
Level 20 : Expert Skinner
TheGameCrasher avatar
Thanks, detail is something a bit lacking from it, will work on that, and i'm pretty sure the pop reel's a good thing right?(I'm new to Planet Minecraft) =P
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