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[1.7.5] The Controll Room [game map]

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avatar LoreOfLies
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[1.7.5] The Controll Room [game map]

Hello. This is my first post I made, and I would like to share a map I made. It's not the best map, but it's not the worst either. Tell me what you think of it please!  Posted Image3-8 players (more is welcome) but three players are a minimum.

Description: One person is chosen to be the controller. This controller gets to control all the traps that will kill the survivors. If one survivors make it to the end, a boost is given to the other players. After another player makes it to the end, the door to the control room will open, and the survivors will have revenge (to kill) on the Controller. Then the map resets after pressing the button. The map is automatically resetable (I think) The survivers will have blindness at the start, making them unable to sprint or see where the controller is. The traps are called "variables", and are showed on the sidebar.

If anyone wants to make a video of this, you are my savior. I will be sure to post it!

The download is on the minecraft forums!

Anyone wanna give feedback?
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Update #1 : 07/11/2014 1:51:25 pmJul 11th, 2014

Bug Update...
Give me some feedback ppl :)

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