17th century artillery fort (scale 3:1)

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The project

The aim of this project is to create a mostly realistic 17th to 18th-century artillery fort including a raging combat scene; thus built at scale 3:1, since no one wants to see soldiers consisting of 2 blocks. I'm working on the project alone for about 3 weeks now, so it might take a couple/few months to finish, considering the currently made progress. The fort is being made in creative mode without WorldEdit and Voxelsniper, apart from the terrain which is currently generated flat and will later be sniped.

The texture pack used for the screenshot is Photo Realism 64x64.

The fort

The fort currently covers an area of approx. 300x250 blocks, though the walls are irregularly shaped so the actual coverage in blocks is smaller than that. The walls are 6 to 8 blocks thick and 30 blocks high without the battlements, and the gate towers' height is 40 blocks. Thus, at a scale of 3 to 1 where 3 blocks are 1 meter, the fort covers about 100x80 meters (inside maybe 80x70), the walls are around 2-3 meters thick and 10 meters high, and the towers 13 meters high. Thus, if converted to meters, it ends up being reasonably small.

The base wall shape is a rectangle, though every wall section is curved fairly irregularly. The two back corners contain clover-shaped fortifications, while the front corners are merely rounded off into two directions. The wall are 50% hollow, with two allures stretching through the entire wall length in the upper sections of the wall height. The gate is flanked by two oval-shaped towers, designed for the ability to fire over the separate, solid wall section placed in front of the gate and accessible from the main wall via a wooden bridge. The wall contains pillar-supported platforms stretching a few blocks outside, mostly equipped with cannons (allowing enough room for the defenders to walk past the cannons on the solid part of the wall). The wall also contains two types of battlements; man-high battlements with elevated access (providing protection for defenders walking past it) as well as the traditional wave-shaped battlements also containing drainage holes. Additionally to all these, the inside of the wall is covered entirely by supportive woodwork sections (also providing access onto the wall via ladders), which on their side are supported by wall-high pillars of stone. Lastly, a number of small barrack buildings are integrated into the woodworks and partly into the walls, the latters also smoothing out rough corners of the inside wall shape.

The inside of the fort should, when finished, contain a headquarter, an arsenal, a shooting range, a couple of storehouses, a few large barrack buildings and possibly a sewage system. The center should be left mostly empty, to allow room for assemblies. Some of the architectural designs are vaguely based on old Italian architecture, but mostly improvised.

The progress

I've split the making of this fort into 5 stages. Some of the stages probably require more time than others, but I doubt whether the differences are huge, so I'm just considering each stage 20% of the whole project.

Stage 1: Walls

-Base structure
-Separate section
-Integrated barracks

Stage 2: Inside

-Shooting range
-Large barracks
-Sewage system (?)
-Possible other additions

Stage 3: Surroundings

-Realistic terrain
-Occasional farmhouses
-Nearby town (?)
-Possible other additions

Stage 4: Combat scene

-A dynamic combat scene between defenders and attackers of the fort, involving infantry and artillery. No details planned yet.

Stage 5: Damage

-Damage to the battlefield through artillery. No details planned yet.

The server

This project is being constructed on a public server. You can find the IP and instructions on receiving building rights at the World of Espia thread in the MC forums.
Progress25% complete

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 04/08/2012 6:40:59 amApr 8th, 2012

Still fairly busy with other things, but the arsenal is finished. Removed a couple outdated screenshots, marked a couple more as outdated but kept them, and added a couple new ones.

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Oletko suomalainen?
04/08/2016 8:43 am
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I can't understand why such an amount of detail doesn't get more appreciation.
I'll leave a diamond, a favorite and a sub.
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Outstanding! Diamond for you :)
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