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[1.8] The Number Game

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avatar ZL123
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
Hey! This is a game I and a friend, 64bitminecraft, have been working on for a while. It's still not complete, but the main gameplay mechanics are there.

Basically, this is a multiplayer game (2 works but is boring - 4 or more is good, but the max (10) is best) in which you jump to add one to the total score, but if multiple players jump at the same time, you lose. If you're idle for more than a few seconds (15, I believe), you lose too. There is another way to 'lose', and that is to vote out. Once two-thirds (or more) of the players vote out, the game is ended. It's a surprisingly simple game, but it can be harder than you might expect!

You will also be able to set a target, and once you reach that target, you win. There is a maximum that the target can be, but that is so ridiculously high that either you're playing it really safe, you're cheating or... you're bored. And we don't want that.

There are also 32 random splashes that occur randomly - there is a 1 in 3 chance every successful jump that one of these messages/splashes pop up. There are also a few (8, I believe) random messages that show up when you lose.

Also, sound effects are cool.

(Don't ask for a download link - I won't include one until I think it's ready.)
Credit64bitminecraft made this with me!
Progress85% complete

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