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[1.9+/1.10+ Vanilla] Multi-instrument Piano Roll within a /tellraw command!

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This is a one-command design for a working piano roll in the chat console!
In the command, 6 instruments are available as follows:
  • Lead "piano" sound (block.note.pling)
  • Note blocks: Harp (block.note.harp)
  • "Guitar" (block.note.bass)
  • "Xylophone" (entity.experience_orb.pickup)
  • "Timpani" (block.anvil.land)
  • "Bass Chime" (entity.elder_guardian.curse)
Try this cool design in your Vanilla Minecraft! (1.9+ or above), and it should be working in the default resource pack!

The commands

There are 3 versions for this design, where:
  • "Part I - Piano.txt" contains Lead piano, Harp, and Guitar.
  • "Part II - Percussion.txt" contains the other 3 instruments.
  • "Piano Roll Command - Full Version.txt" provides you all 6 instruments inside.
Choose one of these versions, and copy the commands that are accessible in the download link as TXT files!

Notice: The commands are not directly available on this page since all indentations using white space characters would be ignored by PlanetMinecraft. Apology for any inconveniences.

How to use the commands

Step 1: Copy the command from any of the TXT files in the download link, and paste into your command block.
Step 2: Type the command /gamerule sendCommandFeedback false to prevent unexpected outputs.
Step 3: Trigger the command block, and you will see the interface on the chat console!
Step 4: Press the 'T' key to enable your mouse. And, let's play!!!
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