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5000x5000 Terrain - RPG map

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avatar Marjory
Level 35 : Artisan Fisherman
Made as an RPG map for This..

Most likely my largest creation to date, this is.. An rpg map. It mostly consists of flat areas to put places, tons of forests, snowy bits and mountain things, a great desert, an ocean with small islands, peppered in. A river flows through, allowing for travel and cutting the continent slightly. The flat areas provide sprawling space for cities, and the forests and mountains provide great areas for dungeons to master.
Worldpainter overview biome key
White tint - Coniferous
Bright green tint - Deciduous
Light blue tint - Cut down forest
Pink tint - Fantasy Forest
Yellow tint - Desert Oasis type thingy
Peachy tint on sand - Beach trees
This took a while to make, .57 hours to take the screenshots and explore the terrain for some reason, 6 minutes or so to finalize and create, and at least 1- 3 hours to make the map itself, over the course of 2-3 days. So, if you love starting at this map, like the terrain, and kinda appreciate the efforts, then give this a diamond, heart, or even a sub and map download. Enjoy.
Progress100% complete

11/21/2018 2:35 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Awesome map! I will download when I have time.
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