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5-Part Marathon Race, Version 2.0

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avatar JimmyUltima
Level 16 : Journeyman Dragon

During my free time when I was on Spring Break a few weeks ago, I made this map. Similar to the first one, the theme was you had to complete Five parts in order to be declared the total victor. The difference between this one and the first was the  knowledge that is needed, as it is more mental than anything else.

This is a Competitive Map, so you will need two players, but it can be played solo if you want to, but it is a lot more fun playing with a friend while in a skype call or something like that, or hell, even make a tournament with friends out of it.

There are 5-Parts to this race, hence the name. They go in the order of Savannah Search, Sabrina's Colored Gym (easier to think with color rather than just one single color), Quiz Show, Limited Resources and Speed Questioning. Each has it's own challenges and was well thought out and took myself quite some time to build. Once I completed one half of the build, I did use MCedit to copy it over and mirror it, and make the few changes from Blue (Dark) to Red to distinguish sides.

I did leave in some of the mechanics on the side if you want to use some of it or see how some of the stuff we are using works, it is right at the start area and is clearly labeled explaining what it is.

If you find any problems with the map, message us or leave a comment here and we will try to get it fixed as soon as possible.

DO NOT PLAY IN THE 1.8 SNAPSHOTS. Limited Resources is a bit broken due to some of the new features added for mapmakers for adventure mode, making it a little bit tricky to work around. We will post an update once it is fixed.

If you choose to play it for your YouTube channel (if there is anyone that would do that), we just ask that you mention us as the creators, that is about it, or link the map to the video, that would be awesome.

RageGamingVideos' Video Featuring Our Map

Reasoning for keeping it at 95%

As Minecraft updates to newer versions, there is always going to be something that may break in the challenge, making it harder than it should be. We also look to having others telling us if something is broken that may have been overlooked.
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