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Minecraft Maps / Land Structure

7x7x7 Tileable cube hallways and rooms (spacestation/lab style)

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Natra_Emieca avatar Natra_Emieca
Level 20 : Expert Fish
Here Are Some Connectable hallways Complete with power system for lights (may take some tinkering depending on how you make your halls) and stairs to go up and down layers.
This was made for building From bottom to top, some minor adjustments can change this.
Rooms can be made bigger if needed.

You can paste them in what ever order you need.
(Some minor edits are needed if halls will loop back to each other, or go down)
For the turn to go left just flip it how you want.

I would perfer this to be used as inspration so you can make your own custom version
but if you use this on a server, video, or in a build that you will post please link back to this page and give me credit
Also leave me a link to your build so i can check out what you make of this! ^-^

this syle works well with dungeons or bases and others!!
Progress100% complete

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05/29/2014 2:50 pm
Level 23 : Expert Lumberjack
Casval avatar
And you're not doing more like this because............
05/30/2014 1:03 am
Level 20 : Expert Fish
Natra_Emieca avatar
lol i have the streets and this hallway design i might make a bunch of different ones (hopefully one that can loop back and still connect well.
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