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8x Giant Gulliver Town - Houses, Hotel, Shop etc

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The town is specifically made for the Gulliver resizing mod and built for the largest size you can become. It features tons of buildings inside of the town including a huge swimming pool in the plaza.

The first building type is a modern house which is the most common in the town. This is where the 8x players live and contains 2 floors including a basement and balcony area. It also contains tons of furniture inside including a kitchen, chess table, living area, bedroom, bathroom and much more (see screenshots) all of which is correctly sized for a 8x player to use =]. Its good for RP sessions and the like.

The second building is a Hotel which contains a lobby with a bar and registration desk. behind the desk there are 1x houses where the keys usually go for them to live in =P. Theres also a bar and dining tables in the lobby. The guest rooms are copies of the bedrooms from the Modern Houses around the town. Theres also a racetrack for 1x people in the hall and vending machines around the building. The Hotel is 2 Floors big and has 8 guest rooms.

The third building is a shop named the 'Macro Mart' which contains mannequins in the display windows and items and blocks on the shelves. Its intended to be used as a working shop in the Big Sister server for 8x players, since they cant use the normal shops.

The entire town has already been uploaded to the Big Sister server which can be found here:
So if you want to explore it there or play multiplayer with your friends on it, head there =]

The download for the Gulliver mod, which is required for the best experience with this map, can be found here:


Hotel, Shop, Plaza and Swimming Pool

Resident House
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