A 16-17th Century Town (WIP)

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Hey! This is the second project im sharing on PMC. This time it's a showcase of the 16th-17th century town im currently working on.

Me and my friends have tried to take inspiration from Amsterdam and Stockholm to create some of these buildings. The town itself has a long way to go and I might do some updates on the build but this is it on its current form!

This is a project me and a few friends have worked on for years, it's taken on many shapes but this is the way and style we will keep when moving forward. Due to this being a side project that have taken years since we haven't played consistently on this server, nor does it have worldedit. This has left some of the buildings looking a bit dull and outdated, such as the city walls, some of the buildings and decorations. But they will be updated aswell soon enough.

I focused on showcasing the finished parts of the city instead of the city as a whole.
Let me know if you would like to see more of this!

Also, if you have any name suggestions go right ahead and help me name this town!

Disclaimer: The ship design is directly taken from Lord Dakr! This is not my design.
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