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A Market House in Rilea #1 [DOWNLOAD]


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Mine Maus Craft
Level 54 : Grandmaster Blockhead
A Market House In Rilea

This a one of the market houses in Rilea. I built some of them everyone is different but in the same style. The house is fully decorated and furnished.
I will probably upload all market houses as a bundle as soon as I finished them and when I have the time to.

Rilea is a town on which I'm working on at the moment. I hope you'll enjoy it :-)

Here's a link to the Rilea Collection.

Some Information about the Texture Pack I'm using.

I'm using a custom texture pack and I changed some textures to have more decoration options.
So please note this when you download my creations and don't wonder if there is a rail in the kitchen. :-)
I didn't make all of the textures by myself that's why I'm not allowed to upload them.
But here's a list of what I've changed and what it looks like for me :-)

emerald block - wine rack
rail_activator - weapons or tools
rail_detector - map, placemats, envelope
noteblock - cabinet with drawers
redstone_torch - candle
daylight_detector - small side table with a doily
sponge - wodden box
wool_colored_purple - wodden box filled with food like apples, pears, potatoes, onions
wool_colored_pink - another wodden box
wool_colored_magenta - and another wodden box
wool_colored_lime - hay bales
steve's head - small box
creeper's head - another small box
skeleton's head - small melon
zombie's head - small pumpkin


I can't upload this texture pack, so that you'd have all of my changes, so I decided to make another one with the look of the default tp and only add the changes that may look strange without using it.
Here are two pictures that compare the default look with the Mine Maus More Deco Default look and a LINK for the download of the small texture pack.



Mods & Programs used.

You can also take a look at my other projects. This is The Slave District In Serenitas.

If you use any of my buildings please give me credit, using a link which leads to my profile here on PlanetMinecraft.
If you have a PlanetMinecraft account please send me a message if you use it, I just want to know it :-)

Please make sure to DiamondFavorite  and Subscribe and let me know what you think about it.

Thank you! :-)
Progress: 100% Complete

Update #1 : 04/06/2015 12:42:33 pm4/06/15

I added a shematic for download.

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  • GrayRemnant
  • Level 55
  • Grandmaster Senpai
  • April 5, 2015, 3:20 pm
Nice build!  Love the roofing and the interior is packed with detail!  ;)
Thank you :-)

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