A Mermaid's Home

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avatar MythicalJay_24
Level 39 : Artisan Dragonborn
Here is a build for LogMaiden's Guild Race Event! It is for the B2 quest.

  Down in the heart of the sea lie the mermaids, a queer folk. They make their homes out of the materials found in the depths of the sea. They live playful lives, but seek to help the Coltara Coast Guard in anyway they can. Loyalty is a prized gift among them. As the merfolk grew in population, they started spreading out. No longer just stuck to the depths, they built homes near the surface. They traded materials for new things to build with, but they always favored the sea, especially coral. Now they live among the other peoples of the guild, by building their homes just below the surface.

  Enjoy this small, and simple build!
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