AC origins Insulae (Collabrative)

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avatar theannihilator2
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
another collaborative build with hherlev's Roma antiquae 320 A.D

this time its a generic AC Origins insulae in all its vivid glory from directly behind the altar of zeus in alexandria as hherlev requested but unlike in game this has a full interior
-the reason this ac origins build isnt getting renders is because i really dont like building houses and its a collaboration build

comes with a world download and a schematic
-random temples in screenshots not included
CreditAC Origins,Ubisoft
Progress100% complete

06/05/2018 9:59 am
Level 37 : Artisan Cake
Very nice as usual. I remember being really impressed by the random residential buildings in Alexandria while playing the game. They did an outstanding job on the polychrome which is oh so often neglected in reconstructions of ancient and medieval buildings.
06/05/2018 9:52 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Engineer
Yeah origins has such a great art style to it they absolutely nailed it and to think ubisoft was actually holding back on it based on whats in there concept art, especially in cyrene
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