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Adjustable Rocket Launcher in Vanilla Minecraft

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IJAMinecraft avatar IJAMinecraft
Level 85 : Elite Engineer
Hello! :D
Today I have a adjustable rocket launcher for you.
Without mods, just Vanilla Minecraft.

Watch the video and you'll see! :D


Scoreboard objectives
▶ /scoreboard objectives add explosion dummy explosion
▶ /scoreboard objectives add ground dummy ground
▶ /scoreboard objectives add timer dummy timer

▶ /give @p[​r=10] minecraft:bow 1 0 {display:{Name:"Rocket Launcher"},HideFlags:127,ench:[{id:34,lvl:10}],Unbreakable:1}
▶ /give @p[​r=10] minecraft:arrow 64 0 {display:{Name:"Rocket"},HideFlags:127,ench:[{id:34,lvl:10}]}
▶ /give @p[​r=10] minecraft:written_book 1 0 {title:"Adjustment",author:"",pages:["{text:'Change Rocket Mode: ',extra:{text:' No Explosion]',color:red,bold:true,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:'/scoreboard players set @a explosion 1'}},{text:' [​Instant Explosion]',color:gold,bold:true,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:'/scoreboard players set @a explosion 2'}},{text:'[​Delay]',color:green,bold:true,clickEvent:{action:run_command,value:'/scoreboard players set @a explosion 3'}}]}"]}

▶ /fill ~-1 ~ ~7 ~-1 ~ ~ minecraft:redstone_block
▶ /fill ~1 ~ ~7 ~1 ~ ~ minecraft:air

Arrows hit the ground
▶ /scoreboard players add @e[​type=Arrow] ground 1 {inGround:true}
▶ /execute @e[​type=Arrow,score_ground_min=1,score_ground=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"TNT",CustomNameVisible:false,NoGravity:1,Invulnerable:1,NoBasePlate:1,ShowArms:0,Small:1,Invisible:1,DisabledSlots:2039552,Equipment:[{},{},{},{},{Damage:0,id:tnt}]}
▶ /kill @e[​type=Arrow,score_ground_min=2]

Kill bugging arrows
▶ /execute @e[​type=ArmorStand,name=TNT] ~ ~ ~ /scoreboard players add @e[​type=Arrow,r=2] timer 1
▶ /kill @e[​type=Arrow,score_timer_min=20]

▶ /scoreboard players add @e[​type=ArmorStand,name=TNT] timer 1
▶ /execute @a[​score_explosion_min=2,score_explosion=2] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[​type=ArmorStand,name=TNT,score_timer_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon PrimedTnt
▶ /execute @a[​score_explosion_min=3,score_explosion=3] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[​type=ArmorStand,name=TNT,score_timer_min=20] ~ ~ ~ /summon PrimedTnt
▶ /execute @a[​score_explosion_min=2,score_explosion=2] ~ ~ ~ /kill @e[​type=ArmorStand,name=TNT,score_timer_min=1]
▶ /execute @a[​score_explosion_min=3] ~ ~ ~ /kill @e[​type=ArmorStand,name=TNT,score_timer_min=21]
Progress100% complete

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01/28/2015 6:31 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
H4X3RPdotBAT avatar
Holy shit dude i love you no homo you are the best minecrafter ever! PLEASE make this one of those one-commandblock things that spawn in others so it only requires one long command PLEASE
01/29/2015 4:01 pm
Level 85 : Elite Engineer
IJAMinecraft avatar
Thank you! :D
But I don't have the time to make every concept into one command block^^
02/14/2015 2:20 pm
Level 42 : Master Modder
vibrantspoon avatar
I don't understand. Is there a name for those "one-commandblock things" because I really need to make some of my own. Actually, can you make a tutorial on that?
02/14/2015 3:42 pm
Level 85 : Elite Engineer
IJAMinecraft avatar
Not really. I just write 'with one command block' in the title :D

And well, I wouldn't know what to say in such a tutorial.^^ I basically just summon a bunch of falling sand entities with special properties riding each other. You'll probably know what I mean, when you look at the commands. There are also some filters out there. But sadly, these filters use the /setblock command, what makes them very limited and not this useful. They'd use three or four times as many characters for the same outcome, which would be a problem, since the command block has a limit of around ~37000 characters.
But if you want to check one out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=toy_5l3SVT0
01/10/2015 5:46 pm
Level 46 : Master Blockhead
Danthec00lman avatar
Darnit you got to it before me xD
I was planning to do this after my boss battle was complete :P
Oh well.

Great job on this :D
01/10/2015 6:00 pm
Level 85 : Elite Engineer
IJAMinecraft avatar
Thanks :P
12/23/2014 8:16 pm
Level 1 : New Network
cookientn avatar
This is a really great idea! Diamond! :D

I'm just asking, but have you tried using creepers instead of TNT to increase the blast radius?


/execute @a[score_explosion_min=2,score_explosion=2] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[type=ArmorStand,name=TNT,score_timermin=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:0,ExplosionRadius:20,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:1000000,Amplifier:1,Ambient:1}],CustomName:"Rocket",CustomNameVisible:1}

Bonus Things
-can be toggled by /gamerule mobGriefing true/false
-if a player is killed by the explosion, the death message will read, "<playername> was blown up by Rocket"

Just asking.
12/24/2014 3:51 am
Level 85 : Elite Engineer
IJAMinecraft avatar
Yeah, that's also a good idea :)
The only downfall is, that it won't work in Peaceful mode :(
12/24/2014 10:07 am
Level 1 : New Network
cookientn avatar
Maybe you could just set up another option in the book that allows you to switch the command blocks of your clock machine (TNT in peaceful mode and creepers in easy/medium/hard mode).

1. "[TNT]" would run the command, "/setblock <x> <y> <z> redstone block."

2. The redstone block would trigger three more command blocks, each replacing its corresponding block (the blocks to be replaced are the mode command blocks).

3. The block with the command, "/execute @a[score_explosion_min=2,score_explosion=2] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[type=ArmorStand,name=TNT,score_timermin=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon Creeper ~ ~ ~ {Fuse:0,ExplosionRadius:20,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Duration:1000000,Amplifier:1,Ambient:1}],CustomName:"Rocket",CustomNameVisible:0}" would be replaced with, "/execute @a[score_explosion_min=2,score_explosion=2] ~ ~ ~ /execute @e[type=ArmorStand,name=TNT,score_timer_min=1] ~ ~ ~ /summon PrimedTnt."
using "/setblock <x> <y> <z> command_block 0 destroy {Command:""}."

4. To change the explosions back to creepers, simply create another option in the book named "[CREEPER]" and repeat the steps above with the opposite commands. 

-rockets in survival are less powerful :(

If it's a teensy bit too much work, just hook up a command block to the clock with the command "/difficulty 1/2/3." :P

Extra Idea: Use fireballs instead of creepers. Replace "/summon PrimedTnt" with "/summon Fireball ~ ~ ~ {ExplosionPower:20,Direction:[0.0,-1.0,0.0]}" to allow use in all difficulties. Plus, there's an added fire effect! >:D

I don't know if these are efficient methods, but thanks for reading anyway!
12/26/2014 3:51 pm
Level 85 : Elite Engineer
IJAMinecraft avatar
Oh, you've thought quite a lot about it.
These methods seem kind of advanced and I'll maybe use them in some projects soon! Thank you for that =)
But for this rocket launcher - because it's a concept video, I wanted to make it as easy reproductionable and as clear as possible!^^
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