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ADT Mk2 - Double TNT Cannon(Heavy) | Turret | Movecraft-Compatible | Adjustible Arc

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The ADT Mk2(Ave Double Turret Mk2) is a medium-ranged double-barreled TNT cannon with an adjustable arc functional in Vanilla Minecraft. Two TNT cannons packed into a turret with increased vertical spread to up the damage.

The turret shell(if there is any) and barrels(if there are any) are both for aesthetic purposes, to cover up unsightly redstone(if there are), and for protection if the turret is shot at by another TNT cannon.

This gun is meant for a refit of Homeless Admiral's Alsace-class Super Heavy Battleship.


Turret Size: 7x7(square)
Type: Double Barrel Spread Gun
Max Range:250-375m
Propellant Load: 17 ppl(2.5 blocks from the projectile TNT) per chamber
Projectile Load: 28 pj(7 per dispenser, 4 dispensers per chamber)

Nerd Stuff(Copied from MystSpaTimeTrav's descriptions)
The central timing mechanism for the gun is a pulse extender. How it works is that when the turret is powered by the Redstone torch tower underneath it, the propellant is dispensed. Upon powering the turret, the comparator is also locked preventing it from dispensing projectiles too early while a delayed signal is sent to the back of it. When the power turns off, the comparator is unlocked and the delayed signal stays on for a period of time turning the comparator on with the piston observer clock dispensing projectiles. A separate repeater train is sent to the pistons which control the arc of the gun. The pulse extender acts to determine when the piston will extend and when it will drop. The projectiles when dispensed will sit on top of the extended piston and drop when the piston retracts.

The point at which the projectiles are at while they fall as the piston retracts when the propellant explodes is what determines the arc/trajectory of the gun. The longer the pulse is given to the gun, the later the piston will drop and thus the higher the trajectory. The shorter the pulse is given to the gun, the lower the trajectory. Because the projectiles are in mid-air when the propellant explodes, the blast force from the propellant TNT is unhindered by anything and allows the gun to reach much longer ranges with less propellant than most guns that use slabs or other mounting blocks for their projectiles.

The central timing mechanism/pulse extender is outside of the gun and can be wired to multiple turrets to adjust the trajectory and fire multiple turrets at the same time with the same trajectory.

In order to increase the number of projectile dispensers, I use a falling edge detector for the piston mechanism to make it quickly move up and down instead of stay extended during the firing cycle.

This also uses observers to internalize the projectile wiring for increased survivability.

Movecraft Compatibility
This turret is compatible with the Movecraft Plugin and can be mounted on warships or as a stand-alone turret(if you wish to use it for base defense). It could be used for battleships(mostly the Lanier Royal Navy ones) and battlecruisers(if desired as well)

Plugin Requirements
None, but the cannon can be used on Movecraft Warships with their turret feature to face different directions. Some servers that run Movecraft are:
- Airship Pirates
- Strangelands
- ToTheEnd

MystSpaTimeTrav for the descriptions, and the original ADT.
Homeless_Admiral for the screenies.
Duder_123 for teaching me how to do internal projectile wiring.

If you want to use the gun on yer ship, feel free to credit me.

Progress100% complete

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