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[ADV / PUZZLE / BOSS] The Curse of The Giant Creeper [MULTIPLAYER] [1.4]

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Level 19 : Journeyman Cake

[ADV / PUZZLE / BOSS] The Curse of The Giant Creeper [MULTIPLAYER] [1.4] Minecraft Map

The fight begins here. Two heroes, one town and one curse. Explore, along with your partner to find clues and search for the source of the curse. Along with your partner, you will be put to multiple tasks which include teamwork, puzzles, exploring, and fighting.

- Introduction
- Challenges
- Images
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- Texture Pack
- Download
- Changelog

There are a number of challenges that have been set for you to aim to achieve whilst you are playing this map. These challenges are;

1. Search for all Diamonds in the map and post how many you find!
2. There is one obsidian block in the map (in a chest) Find it!
3. Complete the whole map on Hard difficulty
4. Complete the map without one death (between the both of you)
5. Complete the puzzle section of the map within 20 minutes

Post how many of these challenges you complete!

Images / Screenshots
[ADV / PUZZLE / BOSS] The Curse of The Giant Creeper [MULTIPLAYER] [1.4] Minecraft Map
[ADV / PUZZLE / BOSS] The Curse of The Giant Creeper [MULTIPLAYER] [1.4] Minecraft Map

Featured Videos
There are currently no Featured videos. Send me a message to submit yours!

Texture Pack
For the best experience when using this map, it is recommended that you use the texture pack that we provide. Credits to Sphax for PureDB Craft for most of this texture pack, and me for a few edits to images to fit the map.

Download TP: http://www.mediafire.com/?7c97aba45jog29d

Alternate: http://www.iCrawl.co.uk/Map/TP.zip

Last but not least, Thanks for downloading and playing!
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Update #9 : by Crawl 12/01/2012 7:09:22 amDec 1st, 2012

1000+ Downloads!
Beginning on PART 2.

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01/21/2013 7:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
StopDropGaming avatar
Hiya, Gotta say me and my friend had a great laugh playing this map and also is one of the first one's we recorded onto youtube. Last video is going up 2night and hope you find it fun watching us Fail at playing it :P :

We are also hoping we could try out the new "Subsumption" map as well as it still say's 95% done. can't wait!
Craig (SDG)
08/22/2012 6:40 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Cake
Crawl avatar
**NEW** Want to play this map with your friend but don't have a sever to play on? Now you can! Reply to the thread saying what time you would like the map for and your Timezone and I will message you if I am able to host it for you at that time.

Don't send me a message, reply to the thread as I get instant messages when people reply to this thread.
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