[Adv] Majestic - A Minecraft Adventure Map! [1.5.2]


The Majestic

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Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Majestic A Minecraft Adventure!

Majestic is a adventure map that includes tons of traps, puzzles and way way more to adventure through! Play as Lucas, a young adventurer who sailed off to find the forbidden island that holds 3 Majestic artifacts. Will you complete Majestic? Adventure on.

The Story :
You are Lucas, an adventurous fellow. You reside on a small island called MoonFly island with your grandfather. You have now become of a age where you can now travel the vast lands and seas of MineCraftia. Your grandfather has told you of a forbidden island that holds 3 majestic items. Your grandfather gives you his old adventuring ship and his old sword and sends you off to travel to this forbidden island. Will you find the three majestic items? Adventure on!

*NOTE: The Description will be updated with more info
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This sounds like a great map! I hope you get it done soon so I can play it!

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