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Adventure [Build]

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How to find on server: /warp Adventure

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mista man's Avatar mista man
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Note: This is not an adventure map, its a build
Built for the Orca Creative Omega (free-for-all) Contest

Adventure is a build aiming to emulate an archetypal fantasy adventure (as well as wishful thinking of what the cave and cliff update could have been). The build follows a group of four adventurers as they travel through four distinct areas: the village atop the mountains, the woods, the starlit cavern and the abyss. The different areas have been largely inspired by Elden Ring and other fantasy works.

The build was made to follow a gradient as you descend through the levels, specifically the color scheme roughly changing from light and colorful to dark and monotone, and the environments becoming increasingly less natural the deeper you go. This hopefully makes every area more distinct and creates a greater sense of peril in the areas further from the starting "home."

The build features:

 - Variety of custom, largely hand made, landscapes, from pillar mountains and forests to giant caverns 

 - Multiple highly detailed buildings, ranaging from village houses to giant ancient structures

    - Many of them have explorable interiors

 - Expressive large statues and figures

    - Unique style of 4 block tall characters for the adventurers

 - Custom Trees and plants

Currently there is no download for the build, but I will likely make one later when I have time.
If you want to explore the build yourself right now, join orcacreative.tk and use the /warp Adventure command on the server to get to the build

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Progress100% complete

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Update #1 : by mista man 09/01/2022 7:59:11 pmSep 1st, 2022

Added a schematic for it, I'll probably add a world file later once I get world downloader set up again.

Hopefully it at least gives the 3d viewer thing for now

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08/19/2022 7:42 pm
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I feel nostalgic all of a sudden
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